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atari mania

ZPC Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Go forth and kick ass!
An evil bureaucrat
Shooting baddies at close range
Grenade launcher for long range corridor-sweepings
Good ol' automap
To jump you have to chi-punch the floor in the opposite direction you want to go. Apparently nobody thought this was the least bit sucky
Propaganda Propaganda Propaganda
The vaporizer is the "frag everyone in the room" gun in the game
These blokes are heavy, and they just keep coming at you
Your prophet leads you through each level
These guys are seriously bad news
Propaganda machines spit subliminal messages your way
Victory is near!
You can activate switches remotely with your psi-punch
The game's title screen

Demo version
Before the game begins the player is treated to a bit of the background story Demo version
The game's exit screen. Nice to see all the company logos at the end rather than at the beginning Demo Version