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Zuma Deluxe Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Main Menu
The First Level
The Balls Enter
Shooting a Ball
Bonus! Yes!
Another level
Completing a level quickly gives you an Ace Time bonus
Later levels get particularly evil. I won't spoil the really outrageous ones for you.
The game mechanics explained
Selecting a level / map to play in the gauntlet mode
Hit a coin to collect extra points
This screens shows your progress in the adventure mode, when you die you can restart at the beginning of every stage you've unlocked
Conversation between the Aztec and the frog in the adventure mode after you've cleared a temple
If you take out multiple groups of balls in a row you'll score a chain bonus which increases with every group you clear. You'll get a combo bonus if you take out multiple groups with a single shot
Eventually there will be balls of 6 different colors in play
The accuracy power-up helps you aim
Clear the blue pair on the right to get a gap bonus. The smaller the gap you shoot through is, the higher the bonus you'll get
The explosion power-up takes out a group of balls of all colors
The balls are uncomfortably close to the exit... I'm about to lose a life