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Zuma's Revenge! Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Loading screen
Title screen
First zone
Level complete
Level statistics
Level 5 - Switchback Slider
Level 6, with the aiming laser
Laser power
Kahtiki Khan
Boss battle
Fighting the idol mask.
Enemy defeated.
Bomb power-up
Jumping between lily pads.
Level aced!
Level 15 - Abandoned Well
Three-shots power-up
Level 17 - Seven Sides (minus one)
Lightning power
Lightning destroying several spheres of the same color.
Level 19 - Logroller
Level 20 - The Horseshoe
Maga Maga
Guardian tikis
Another boss battle conquered.
Zone 3 unlocked
Level 21 - Ancient Cistern
Level 22 - Blossom Grove
Another level with lily pads
Level 24 - Ancestral Tongue
Tiki Temple statistics
Challenge mode
In low-res mode without 3D acceleration, there's little detail to the graphics.
With 3D acceleration on, at least the spheres display rolling animations.
Challenge mode in full high-resolution glory
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