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atari breakout

Miner 2049er Credits

27 people

Miner 2049er

Based on the classic game byBill Hogue, Big 5 Software

The Sigma 11 Team

Team LeadWes Tam
Game ProgrammingWes Tam, Jesse Renaud, Brian Teschke
ProducerMarco Cultrera
Game DesignWes Tam, Jesse Renaud, Marco Cultrera, Erin Martel
BREW DevelopmentWes Tam, Jesse Renaud, Brian Teschke
Level DesignErin Martel, Brian Teschke, Wes Tam
Graphic TeamAllen Tam, Erin English, Rod Zylstra
Additional Java ProgrammingJesse Renaud, Chris Heijdens, Vincent Deschenes, David Lareau
Additional BREW ProgrammingSean Reid
Java PortingWes Tam, Jesse Renaud, Brian Teschke
Technical ConsiderationsChris Heijdens, Joshua Ostrowalker
Biz Dev & MorePhil Giroux
SoundsXavier Dang (as Xavier mv Dang), Matt Kaip
Quality AssuranceNicholas Eden-Walker, Aaron Bradford, Samir Hussain, Jamie Burnett, Kendra Seu
Additional TestingPatrick Denny, Stephen Grant
Windows Mobile PortingPhilip Beverley, Patrick Tuckey

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (257783)

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