Stuntcar Extreme Advanced Screenshots (Windows Mobile)

User Screenshots

Windows Mobile version

Car selection screen, showing Stunt Velvet
Stunt Saber and Stunt Velvet side by side
In-car view on Rollercoaster track
External view on Rollercoaster track, entering tunnel
Approaching a ring of fire on Rollercoaster track
Interior view when falling of a stunt ramp on Ring of Fire track
Bonus points shown after a successful stunt jump
In-car view on Ring of Fire track
Construction Sights track
Construction Sights track
Car falling on Construction Sights track
Stallion and Sce Petit cars on Construction Sights track
Stunt Saber and Sherman cars jumping on GC Stunt Tour track
Bubble and Stunt Saber cars on Icy Drifts track
Driving Even Steven car on Ring of Fire track