Advertising Blurbs

1991-92 Origin Product Catalog:

    Recruited by Moebius, the Windwalker, you begin as a humble fisherman but soon rise to the heights of wisdom and mastery of the martial arts. Your quest is to find and rescue the missing emperor and his wife, while maintaining the perfect path of virtue and knowledge.

  • Enjoy 3-D perspective and storybook graphics in an elegant, easy-to-use presentation.

  • Journey by land, sea or magical transport over fully scrolling, richly illustrated terrain.

  • Interact with hundreds of characters as you explore the ancient world.

  • Control full-figured characters in smooth, animated combat as you defend yourself against aggressors.


    Contributed by Jeanne (76516) on Oct 04, 2002.

From the back cover:
    Step onto a winding path through the ancient Orient and learn the secrets of survival in an exotic land of mystery and magic. Recruited by the mystic Moebius, you will learn to master the martial arts and restore the serenity of years past. Follow your spiritual destiny and begin a fascinating journey into this intricate tapestry of beautifully illustrated people, places and events.

    Thrilling Martial Arts Action
    • Control full-figured characters in smooth, animated combat with digitized sound effects.
    • Manipulate acrobatic movements with handsprings, cartwheels and other authentic offensive and defensive maneuvers.
    • Select "concentration" mode with pauses after each sequence, "intuition" mode for non-stop, real-time action.
    • Challenge ninja assassins, palace guards, thieves, warlords and more.

    Comprehensive Role-Playing
    • Enjoy stimulating 3D storybook graphics in an elegant and easy-to-use presentation.
    • Journey across full-scrolling terrain with dynamic horizon effects.
    • Experiment with a variety of magic forms - Shamanism, Idolatry, Alchemy and Deism.
    • Travel by land, sea or magical transport to more than 100 different settings.
    • Explore a culturally and historically accurate story with true depth and character development.

    Dynamic Population and Ecosystem
    • Interact with hundreds of characters and creatures including alchemists, merchants, monks, villagers, dragons, giant water beetles, elementals and evil spirits.
    • Enter a world of varied weather conditions, moon phases and day/night cycles.
    • Experience complete life simulation with game characters who have varied daily schedules and in-depth conversations.

    Contributed by Belboz (6576) on Oct 07, 2001.