Wing Commander Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Tiger's Claw bar
Talking with Paladin
Pilot list
Crew quarters
Mission briefing begins
New wingman
Mission map
Ready for take off
...and action!
Encountering a Dralthi
The Dralthi is history
A dangerous hazard
Hero's funeral
Alert !
Oh no, I'm too young to die!
Talking to Hunter
At the Commander's office
Talking to Knight
Talking to Iceman
Into an minefield
We taken heavy damage
Hard action out there !
Talking to Bossman
"Bhurak Starkiller" ... on of the kilrathi aces
Cut scene
The "Jalthi" is the hardest enemy fighter
Impressive those Ralari battleships
Receiving a medal
The "Killboard"
Knight toasted one of these cats
Another cut scene
Arcade train sim.
Talking with Angel.
External view - Navigating through an asteroid field.
External view - A Drayman transport successfully warps out.
Colonel's Halcyon's Office.
Hangar deck - award ceremony.
An award ceremony.
Award ceremony - Colonel's Halcyon salutes you.
Ready to land at the Tiger's Claw.
Landing after a mission.

DOS version

Title Screen
You can use the simulator in the bar to train your skills.
Conversing in the bar
The chalk board that records the pilots kills. (VGA)
The barracks which serves as a save / load game option screen. (VGA)
Mission Briefing
The colonel gives a briefing before every mission. (VGA)
Hanger launch
Wingman in the way!
Got 'em!
External camera
Rear view
Wingman at your side
Docking. (VGA)
Made it back home safely. (VGA)
Getting a mission review from the colonel. (VGA)
Mission accomplished
Ralari in sight ...
Raptor Cockpit
Rapier Cockpit
Medals of Honor
The fall of the McAuliffe VI Research colony
Terran Marines after you are victorious in the Rostov system
Meeting Maniac. (VGA)
The colonel has good news for you. (VGA)
Cinematic style cuts scenes will keep you updated on the war's progress. (VGA)
Spirit. (VGA)
Yeah, we are kicking Kilrathi butt! (VGA)
Boom! Bye, bye kitty! (VGA)
title screen (EGA)
Arcade train-sim. (EGA)
in the bar (EGA)
Talking with Paladin. (EGA)
Talking with Angel. (EGA)
mission briefing (EGA)
more mission briefing (EGA)
red alert! (EGA)
spotted enemy! (EGA)
targeting enemy (EGA)

FM Towns version

Title screen
Ya wanna eat something?..
Bonjour to you too...
I have medals?
Doesn't look at all like me
What, Captain Tanaka is doing better than me?! Damn it!..
Listening to people's biographies
Mission briefing
Mission explanation
Mission map
That's a good question
Into deep space
I landed onto something...
Enemy selection in training mode
Locking on the enemy in training mode

SEGA CD version

Title Screen
The Bar
The Sega CD version features full speech through. This means no subtitles.
Ready for Mission
Combat with a Kilrathi fighter
Fancy Space Graphics
Asteroid Field
Horrible burning death.

SNES version

Introduction [1]
Introduction [2]
Title screen
Enter your callsign
The Officers' Lounge
Talking to "Paladin"
Talking to "Angel"
The barracks
The briefing room
Listen to the Squad Commander
Mission Map
Alert ! Alert ! Alert !
The "Navcom"
Booom ... a cat less !
We're hit by an enemy missile
"Angel" find some nice words for us
Ready to take off
Seconds before our death
Time to say goodbye to another victim of this war
The "Killboard"
Training simulator