Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - DOS (US):
    In Wings of FuryTM you're the hunter and the hunted. A lone warrior flying a fighting machine - the U.S. Navy's F6F Hellcat.

    Powered by a Pratt and Whitney engine cranking out over 2,000 horses, your Hellcat is loaded for bear. 6 Browning M-2 machine guns fire at a combined rate of 4,000 rounds per minute. An arsenal of 100-pound bombs and high velocity aerial rockets deliver the punch of a destroyer's broadside.

    At 21,600 feet, your ear drums numb from the roar of the 18 cylinders hurling you forward at 355 knots. Your palms sweat. And your senses dance with anticipation - danger lurks above and below.

    Missions will vary as you boom from the deck of a flattop. You'll engage in dogfights with nimble enemy fighters that are ready to shoot it out anytime, anywhere. You'll embark on search and destroy missions against antiaircraft guns and machine gun nests on numerous occupied islands. And then, just as you breathe a sigh of relief, you'll stare straight down the barrel of an oncoming enemy destroyer. Whatever the mission, the danger is real and your opponents formidable.

    Wings of Fury is for anyone who has dreamed of flight, honor, and the mighty Hellcat - both the ace and the rookie. So climb into the cockpit, grab the stick, and prepare for action Brøderbund-style. You have your orders, a fight is close at hand.

    • Skillfully take off and land on your carrier
    • Raid enemy islands, torpedo armadas, and engage fighters in dogfights
    • Defend your carrier against waves of torpedo bombers
    • Experience fast-scrolling, smoothly animated action

    Perfect your dogfighting tactics over enemy territory
    Discipline and prayer will bring you home from a rocket raid against the enemy fleet

    Contributed by Jeanne (76519) on Apr 17, 2011.

Back of Respray reissue box - Amiga (UK):
    Wings of Fury is for anyone who has ever dreamt of being a fighter pilot. The US Navy's F6F Hellcat is one of the world's top fighter planes, so climb into the cockpit, grab your stick and....

    "Incredibly addictive and very challenging" - Commodore Format

    "Exciting, atmospheric and very, very addictive" - Zero

    Contributed by Martin Smith (66801) on Oct 23, 2004.

Advertisement in PCGames, April 1990:


    A flame-red dawn streaks the South Pacific skies as your crippled WWII carrier limps for home, enemy planes harassing its every move.

    Your F6F Hellcat is the flattop's last battle-worthy plane. Launch yourself into action, armed with bombs, torpedoes, rockets, and blazing machine guns.

    Brave a storm of fire as you attack enemy warships and islands. Stay vigilant and ready to outmaneuver their planes in desperate dogfights.

    Find out if you have what it takes to earn the most precious wings of all - Wings of Fury.

    Contributed by Belboz (6576) on Nov 01, 2001.