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Wings of Fury Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

A Time of Fury
Company logo Broderbund
Title screen
Difficulty selection
Weapon selection
Starting from carrier
Climbing into the sky
Dropping bombs on Japanese installments
Another bombing run!
Inspecting damage
Plane crashed
Shoot down the torpedo bombers before they reach the carrier!
Making a landing approach with my damaged Hellcat.
Soldiers are running for their lives.
The mission objectives

Amstrad CPC version

Le blurb
Company logo
Title screen
Main menu
Pre-game screen
Game start
In battle

Apple II version

Title screen.
Preparing for take-off.
Turn around.
Climbing higher...
...and still further up!
Changing direction.
Daring bombing raid.
Oh no, I got shot down!

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
It is 1944 and the world...
Select your rank.
The copy protection screen.
Your mission objectives: Two ships and four islands.
Load your Hellcat with 15 rockets, 30 bombs or one torpedo.
Taking off to our first mission.
Flying high over the Japanese island.
There are enemy soldiers running to the next bunker.
Didn't make it back to the carrier.
There's the enemy battleship.
That Zero is going down.

DOS version

Title screen.
Choosing your rank to determine your mission.
Load & save game menu.
Mission overview, this is a tough one.
Selecting your weapons.
Taking off.
Nice turning animation.
Bombarding enemy barracks.
"North by North West" the game?
What the game looks like when you fly at a high altitude.
Preparing to land, align yourself with the deck by using the 1st peron window.
A safe landing.
The American attempt to copy the kamikazi attack was no succes.
Firing rockets at an enemy aircraft carrier (the red light indicates a hit).
Airplanes protected by a net.
I've shot down two bogeys.
This enemy torpedo is headed for my carrier!
Coming home after a succesfull mission.
Manual protection check
Title screen (CGA)
Wings of Fury DOS Choosing your rank to determine your mission. Choosing your rank to determine your mission. (CGA)
Mission overview, this is a tough one. (CGA)
Wings of Fury DOS Selecting your weapons. Selecting your weapons. (CGA)
Crashed! Failed to take-off (CGA)
Game Over (CGA)
Wings of Fury - Aces (CGA)

Game Boy Color version

Title screen
Choose a language.
Main menu
Burn baby...
Close to the enemy
You break into pieces.
Drop it like it's hot...
Boom! Bang! Boom!
The airplane of the enemy
Destroy that tank!
You start each mission by taking off from the aircraft carrier USS Wasp. This is also the place where you repair, refuel & reload
Align your plane with the deck of the carrier and kick out the landing gear for a safe landing
You'll have to use rockets to take out the concrete bunkers
Flying over a Japanese warship; the red light (bottom left) means a Japanese plane is coming after me
Pressing start pauses the game and brings up the mission status screen; it tells you which targets you still need to take out
The game engine zooms out when you fly above a certain altitude
Bombarding from a high altitude is safer but not very accurate
The ammunition report after a mission is a new feature of the GBC version. The less ammo you use, the more bonus points you'll get
Just dropped a torpedo (white dots) and managed to avoid crashing into the carrier; as the 1st-person view window is missing in the GBC version it's hard to tell how close you are to a ship
Earned a promotion after a few successful missions
I've shot down a Japanese Zero
Performing a barrel roll; this manoeuvre is new in the GBC version

PC-98 version

Title screen
Main menu
Top Aces
Choose your rank to determine the mission and difficulty
Weapon selection
About to take off, in this version you're flying the Japanese 'Zero' plane (just like in the X68000 port)
Bombs away!
Darn it! I'm out of bombs
Game over

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Main menu
Selecting rank (difficulty)
Weapon selection: rockets, bombs or torpedo
Getting ready to take off with the Zero plane, this X68000 version differs from the others as here you play from the Japanese point of view
About to drop a bomb on American barrack
Run, Forrest, run!
Top 10 Aces