Wings Screenshots

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Amiga version

Main Title/Main Menu
1903, or how it all started.
Creating your pilot and going to earn some Wings.
Mission objectives.
Going to meet up with your nemesis.
Tailing a German biplane.
Going against AA bunker in first-person.
As time passes by, getting promotion is a must (if you don't die and switch characters).
Pre-loading screen to every mission gives you hints of what's up/down there awaiting you.
Earning medals for heroism doesn't come easy.
Strafing the enemy convoy.
Dropping some bombs on german U-Boats.
Balloons are easy defenseless targets, but they rarely appear on the sky without some heavy both ground and air protection.
Flying by night. This is exactly how it looks like, it is not a gamma contrast thingy, trust me.
Up against Red Baron, perhaps.
Squadron roster will show every pilot's (that's alive) basic statistics.
Being caught by surprise attack from behind.
Mission accomplished (only one in a long row of over 200).
Your diary will lead you through an entire game, serving as a background story for your (main) character.
Strafing the infantry well hidden on the muddy terrain.
The German observation balloon is guarded by AA-fire
Recon photo of today's target
The top ten pilots of June 1917
The "Doppeldecker" is going down
Dropped a bomb on an enemy supply truck
Casualties/Arrivals list
Didn't survive the collision with the German fighter
Crashed, my plane in flames
Pilot's log
The funeral
The journal: Mackey has some target practice.
The journal: Farrah's birthday
The journal: Leave to Paris.
A newspaper screen pops up once in awhile to inform you of major events happening in the war.

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen.
Before the game starts, you will see a short introduction.
In the main menu you can choose from the two campaigns.
You can create a new pilot or choose existing one.
As a new pilot you must first earn your wings in the training mission.
Mission objectives.
It's time for real action!
A diary contains useful information about your current mission.
Patrolling the Western Front.
Shooting down the enemy balloons.
This train needs to be stopped.
The pilot's head turns from side to side to let you know where enemy is.
A funeral.

Macintosh version

Splash screen (GOG version)
Introduction (GOG version)
Dogfight (GOG version)
Main title (GOG version)
Main menu (GOG version)
Flight school (GOG version)
Strafing barrels to earn wings (GOG version)
Colonel Farrah welcoming you to the 56th squadron (GOG version)
Flight journal (GOG version)
The planes entered the war in early 2016 (GOG version)
Mission info (GOG version)
Taking off (GOG version)
Pilot's comments before heading into battle (GOG version)
Strafing at the German Fokker I (GOG version)
Watch out the distance as collision means certain death (GOG version)
Enemy plane down (GOG version)
Saving your progress can only be done when exiting the game (GOG version)
As a squadron leader you give the signal to engage in combat (GOG version)
Another enemy plane going down in flames (GOG version)
You can check the rear and side views as well (GOG version)
Overusing your machine-guns will often make you a sitting duck (GOG version)
There's nothing worse than having enemy in sight with a jammed machine-guns (GOG version)
Post flight log (GOG version)
Five kills makes you an ace among your comrades (GOG version)
Monthly casualties (GOG version)
Squadron roster (GOG version)
Strafing the convoy, although they hit me as well so much I look like a Swiss cheese (GOG version)
Enemy Fokker going down in flames and my pilot is already looking for the next target (GOG version)
You can even destroy AA nests on the ground (GOG version)
Balloons are easy prey on its own, but they're often defended by AA guns and enemy planes (GOG version)
There's no way so save yourself after a mid-air collision (GOG version)
Dying isn't the end of the game, but it is the end for your current pilot (GOG version)
Strafing command tents (GOG version)
Top ten pilots on both sides of war (GOG version)
Encountering a heavy AA fire, only left with a single working machine-gun (GOG version)
Colliding with the enemy pilot (GOG version)
Another pilot lost (GOG version)
Enemy biplane in the crosshair (GOG version)
Flying too high toward the sun will make your propeller malfunction for a bit (GOG version)
Strafing an enemy train (GOG version)
Night missions will make difficult to spot your enemy (GOG version)
Watch out for AA guns when strafing convoy, one hit and you're going down (GOG version)
Certain pages in your diary will contain images to commemorate some event that took place (GOG version)
Dropping bombs on AA guns is cool, but never a mission objective (GOG version)
Newspaper highlights (GOG version)
Dropping bombs on an enemy train (GOG version)
Strafing the enemy trenches (GOG version)
Bombing the airfield (GOG version)
Trying to shake enemy Fokker that's on my tail (GOG version)
Sinking German submarines (GOG version)

Windows version

Start screen (GOG version)
First successful flight by brothers Wright in 1903 (GOG version)
Brief introduction dogfight (GOG version)
Main title followed by the opening credits (GOG version)
Creating new pilot (GOG version)
Time to earn wings (GOG version)
Strafing fuel barrels to earn wings (GOG version)
Colonel Farrah is welcoming you to the 56th squadron (GOG version)
Squadron roster (GOG version)
56th squadron's flight journal (GOG version)
Flight journal provides the background story following the course of war (GOG version)
Mission assignment (GOG version)
Take-off sequence (GOG version)
Final thoughts before engaging in combat (GOG version)
Seems two against two (GOG version)
Enemy Fokker down (GOG version)
When your weapons jam, you'll be sitting duck for quite a while (GOG version)
Enemy in plain sight, but machine-guns are still jammed (GOG version)
Going down... if you can straighten the plane you can make a landing (GOG version)
Alas, in WWI they thought parachutes are cower's way (GOG version)
There are no retries with the same pilot if you die (GOG version)
Leaving the game has a nostalgic Amiga feel to it (GOG version)