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Winter Challenge: World Class Competition Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Select your country.
Opening ceremony.
Down hill - Attempt #1
Down hill - Skiing.
Down hill - Crashed!
Ski Jump - About to start!
Ski Jump - I'm flying through the air!
Ski Jump - Another one bites the snow!
Biathlon - At the start.
Biathlon - Pretty scenery.
Biathlon - Shooting range.
Biathlon - Over a bridge.
Slalom - At the gate.
Slalom - Down the slope I go!
Slalom - Crashed!
Bobsled - Attempt #1
Bobsled - Taking a corner.

Atari 8-bit version

Title screen (International version)
Title screen (US version)
How many players?
Pick your team
Select your events
The torch (Winter Olympiad '88)
The torch (Winter Challenge: World Class Competition)

Atari ST version

Title Screen
Select your country
Opening Ceremony
Downhill skiing start
Downhill skiing
Biathlon: well drawn countryside
Biathlon: passing over a stream
Biathlon: Lakeside
Biathlon: heading towards the targets
Biathlon: shooting the targets
Ready to go in the ski Jump
In flight on the ski jump
Slalom: Off course already
Starting up the bobsled
Travelling in the Bobsled

Commodore 64 version

Title screen (International version)
Enter number of players
Pick your team
The torch (Winter Olympiad '88)
The events load after the title shows.
Starting the ski jump
In the air off the ski jump
Starting the downhill
Starting the biathlon
The target shooting portion
Starting the slalom
I need to swerve between slaloms.
Starting the bob sled.
Headed downhill in the bob sled.
Title screen (US version)
The torch (Winter Challenge: World Class Competition)

DOS version

Title Screen
Specify the player's name
Select the player's country
Main Menu
Tournament Opening
On your way to downhill
Avoid the obstacles (Downhill)
Collision with a tree (Downhill)
On the start point (Biathlon)
On the bridge (Biathlon)
Shooting the targets (Biathlon)
Near the frozen lake (Biathlon)
Climbing the hill (Biathlon)
Sliding down the hill (Biathlon)
Winning the medal (Biathlon)
Accelerating the bobsled
On the track (Bobsled)
Bobsled's crash
Walking to position of Ski Jump
Go (Ski Jump)
Hovering (Ski Jump)
Landing (Ski Jump)
Stopping near the crowd (Ski Jump)
Invalid landing (Ski Jump)
Starting the Ski Slalom
On the track (Ski Slalom)
Falling (Ski Slalom)
Reaching the finish (Ski Slalom)
World Records

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Control options
Players take it in turns
All the great lands of winterology
Main menu
Turn the events on and off
Listen to the crowd!
The crowd on the Tyne is all mine, all mine
Skiing start
Big crash
Final times, or not
The Biathlon start