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Witch Trainer Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main menu
Genie ended up in another world after the events of Magic Shop
One of the many choices in the game
Meeting Severus Snape, it seems he thinks Genie is Albus Dumbledore
The fight with Severus Snape
Meeting Hermione for the first time
Spending time with Snape to increase points for Slytherin, his house in Hogwards
Players can buy a lot of ingame stuff with ingame money, like books to increase reading speed, earned money, etc, or gifts and apparel for Hermione
Hermione showing her panties, at this point she's still very annoyed by that
Players have to ruin her reputation by either asking her for personal favors or public favors (ending in one of two endings). These are the personal favors.
Hermione giving Genie a handjob for the first time
Players can also customize Hermione's appearance a bit. I've put on fishnet stockings and a short skirt for her
Snape told Genie that his magic didn't work because of the protective spells, he does feel more powerful outside of Hogwards. We're nearing the end of the game
Genie couldn't leave without saying goodbye to Hermione, I think she grew on him. Here she is at the gala in the dress Genie bought for her
Hermione thanking Genie properly for the dress. Genie wanted to say goobye and tell the truth, that he isn't Dumbledore, but it seems she started to like having sex with him
Right after the blowjob Hermione is chosen as Queen of the gala, her mouth is still full of cum
She can't get enough of Genie and has sex with him again just after being crowned Queen of the gala
Genie has returned to Agrabah and Dumbledore is back in his seat. After this, Hermione would come in and read the letter Genie left for her, explaining everything