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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Alternative Look for Yennefer Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 4 version

Meeting Yennifer at Skellig
Attending funeral ceremony
Revenge is sweet
A good angle to properly see Yen's new outfit
Geralt is informing Yen of his discoveries in Novigrad and Valen
Time to hear Yennefer's side of the story
The lovely Yennefer.
Close up on Yen... nothing new in hair style, but her shoulders are a bit more exposed now
Geralt and Yennefer at the wake party
Sneaking into the alchemy lab
Exploring the castle hall
Raven spies
Amused by Geralt's hallucinatory battle
Geralt and Yen versus a golem
Is this a trick question or...
Talking to the king on the castle walls
Yennefer unleashing the storm by using the mask of uroboros
Using dark magic to revive the corpse
Trying a gentle approach with fellow sorceresses
We need to know more, so maybe we should push our questioning a bit further
Sometimes given clues are anything but useful
Yennefer asking Geralt for help
Time to go sailing
Yen is looking for something, but Geralt is doing all the diving
Yennefer has ulterior motive for wanting to capture the djinn
The spell has been broken... now to see if Geralt's and Yennefer's feelings are still there
Even though the spell is broken, Yennefer's feelings for Geralt are still present
In Yennefer's room at the inn in Kaer Trolde
Discussing events after escaping the clutches of the Wild Hunt and losing memories
Geralt and Yennefer visiting the emperor
Yennefer is having problems with her magical apparatus
The feelings are finally put to words
History lessons
Geralt can only apologize, there's nothing else left to do or say
To some questions there's no right answer
Yen is having trouble holding the spell active throughout the night
Casting a spell to keep the Wild Hunt's forces at bay
Yennefer has confidence in Ciri
Yennefer is against direct approach towards the emperor's vessel
Best approach is under the cover of night
Yennefer, looking at the distance from the mast
Yen discussing emperor's wishes with Ciri
Searching Avallach's lair
Yen is not one to hold her thoughts
Yen watching Geralt and Ciri breaking things across the room
Teleporting is the only way to catch up with Ciri before it's too late
We'll have to proceed on foot to reach the tower

Windows version

Alternative Look for Yennefer
Yennefer casting a teleport spell

Official Screenshots

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