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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Commodore 64 (US):

    Legacy of Llylgamyn


    Designed by Robert Del Favero, Joshua Mittleman & Sam Pottle

    • Layered window graphic system
    • 6 fiendish levels of hi-res Mazes
    • For ages 7 to adult
    • Outstanding Achievement in Computer Software -Electronic Games
    • Critic's Choice Award -Family Computing Magazine

    THE WORLD OF WIZARDRY- Chapter Three

    A generation has passed in the Kingdom, since an intrepid band of adventurers regained the ancient armor of the Knight of Diamonds and restored the Staff of Gnilda to the city. Under the protection of the Staff, and the wise guidance of those same adventurers and their descendants, the city of Llylgamyn has become a place of beauty.
    Recently though, the tranquility of Llylgamyn has been disturbed, not by evil men and bloody conflict, but rather by the forces of nature itself. Unsettling tales of freak earthquakes, sudden changes in the weather, and mighty tidal waves had been whispered from ear to ear. Then the island colony of Arbithea was swallowed by the sea. Some hysterically proclaimed this to be a warning of the End of the World!
    The Sages of Llylgamyn all agree that these events are mystical portents, and that the city's only hope lies in obtaining the scrying Orb from the great Dragon L'kbreth. With the great Orb, they can devine the cause of the disasters.
    So the Sages call upon you, the descendants of adventurer heroes, to be worthy of their memories and glory and seek out the mighty Dragon L'kbreth. The Orb must be obtained if the city is to survive and prosper.
    Now you must go forth to the dragon's tower to save your people. . . This is the Legacy of Llylgamyn!

    IMPORTANT: You can not create characters in Legacy of Llylgaman. You must transfer Wizardry characters from either of the first two scenarios into this scenario.


    "Follows in the Wizardry tradition of providing weeks and months of entertainment from a cleverly written and constructed program." ----Monte Schultz, Popular Computing

    "Legacy of Llylgamyn is a worthy heir to the Wizardry mantle." ----Roe R. Adams III, Softalk

    "The third chapter in the Wizardry series, and it's nothing short of fabulous!" ----Michael Blanchet, The Arizona Republic

    Winner of 10 International Awards

    Play the Wizardry Gaming System: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord (#1), Knight of Diamonds (#2), The Return of Werdna (#4) and the Heart of the Maelstrom (#5).

    Contributed by FatherJack (62720) on May 04, 2015.

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