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If you were able to beat the game, a code was displayed on the screen that was made up of three separate numbers. The code could then be sent to Sir-Tech and the player would receive a certificate in the mail in acknowledgment of beating the game. The code also served to let the developers know how well a person did during the course of the game, and whether or not any cheats or alterations took place.


Some of the enemy groups were based on player parties from previous Wizardry games. Sir-tech got a hold on them for various reasons, e.g. when players sent in their disks for reviving their group.


The PC version of the game shipped with a "Mordor Charge Card", which has the dimensions and look of a credit card. There was a number stamped on it, which served to unlock the game's copy protection. No two charge cards are the same, all are unique, and this item is extremely difficult to find. It is often a centerpiece to the hardcore collector's collection.

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