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Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstrom Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen
Setting up characters
Game menu while at the castle
Entering the dungeon!
A slime attacks! Ready to fight?
In intersection; which way should I go?
Hmm, have I found a clue?
An encounter...what would you like to do?
My attack on the ugly humanoid was successful!
Collecting treasures after a battle
Hey, this masked man tried to steal from me!
All my characters died, game over

Commodore 128 version

Loading screen
Title screen
Using extra memory
First encounter
Another encounter
Third encounter
A chest!

Commodore 64 version

Wizardry logo
Title screen
Setting up characters
Game menu while at the castle
Entering a dungeon!
I'm in the center of a great chamber...
Ready to fight some green slime?
Which way to go?
Under attack, here's my options...
Collecting some treasure after a battle
I've been hit for 3 damage!
The camp menu
I killed a creeping thing!
My attack misses!

FM Towns version

Title screen
Town menu
Character creation
The game can only base classes on statistics - no free choice
Character sheet
I can't buy anything. I don't have any money
Exploring the maze with full interface - near stairs
You can remove parts of the interface
An encounter with a very pixelated guy in a dark area
Careful, this chest may be trapped!
Good work, Teresa! :)
A mysterious plate
It's much better to just get the gold straight

PC-98 version

Wow, what a title screen! :)
Yeah, you can play in English!
My party :)
Town menu. Still no graphics...
Equipping stuff
Stairs? Nah...
Hmm, I wonder what this is...
Oh no! I've stepped into a completely dark area!
Battle interface
Battle spoils
Battle commentary
Wow, this guy looks tough!
Looks like a dragon, but it's just a "reptile" :)
Hey, that's not nice! :)
All those great people are dead... *sniff*...

PC Booter version

Title screen
Setting up some characters.
Game menu while at the castle
Entering the dungeon!
Hmm, what have I found here?
An encounter! What will you do?
A lizard attacks!
Attempt to fight this troll?
Game over

SNES version

Title screen
In the castle
Inspecting a character
At he training grounds
Exploring a dungeon
Combat options
Finding a chest after battle - better check it for traps
Fighting a Lady Stinger
Finding treasures
Fighting a Blackfly

TurboGrafx CD version

The Turbo CD version of Wizardry V has a nice intro
What are you looking at?..
Nice party! Any snacks?..
Title screen
In the city
You assemble your party in a bar? They must be a bunch of bozos...
Here you create your characters
Distribute remaining points
Character stats
Anybody here?..
Let's pray before battle!
Buying weapons
Scary, isn't it?..
Camp screen
Stairs. Go up or not?
We won! And we are rich!