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Wolf Pack Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Startup menu
Load mission
Mission overview
WolfPack status
View of convoy ships from Destroyer escorts
Construction set menu
Construction set scenario building
Large convoy attack mission
Convoy at night - several targets
Destroyer escort!
Destroyer spots us!
Taking depth charges - U-552 is in bad shape
Damage control on U-552
U-154 strikes back
We have won but not by much
Battle stats

DOS version

Title (VGA)
Mission Construction (VGA)
U-boat Controls (VGA)
A Battle (VGA)
U-boat Controls (EGA)
(enhanced CD release) Main menu
U-boat Status (CGA)
(enhanced CD release intro) The grey wolf
(enhanced CD release intro) ...that can swim underwater, too
(enhanced CD release intro) Be very very quiet, I'm hunting U-boats
(enhanced CD release intro) Aleeert! Depth charges!
(enhanced CD release intro) German prototype torpedoes that magically morph into letters!
(enhanced CD release intro) Title screen (made of said torpedoes, I kid you not!)
Select the map for the mission editor
Mission editor with ships' course plotted
Assessing the successful hit via binoculars
(enhanced CD release) 1:0 for the U-Boat guys
We get briefing & debriefing for each mission
Commanding a destroyer - firing hedgehog at the submerged U-boat
Same as previous screenshot, but this time seen from the receiving end!
Eye to eye with a destroyer!
Damage screen
(enhanced CD release) Depth charge induced critical hull failure
(enhanced CD release) 1:0 for the surface guys!
The last cruise - straight to the bottom
(enhanced CD release) Surgeon General recommends avoiding enemy torpedoes

Macintosh version

Startup menu
Mission load
Construction set battle map
Construction set menu
Construction set scenario building
U-552 deep dive below periscope depth
U-201 shadowing the convoy at night
Large convoy attack mission overview
Damage control
WolfPack status
U-Boat attack plan map
Convoy in distance - daylight attack
Field glasses view helps ID targets
Channel attack U-2620 torpedo's hit!
Both U-2620 and U-83 torpedo's hitting ships
Perfect mission
Mission stats

PC-98 version

Title screen
Main menu
Select mission
Ship sighted
Choose map for construction set
Fire the torpedoes!