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Wolfchild Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Start of level 1
So that's why they call him Wolf Child...
Level 1 boss
Level 2: in the jungle, the mighty jungle

Atari ST version

Title screen
From the intro: starting the machine
From the intro: turning into a wolf-man
Options screen
Starting level one
A bonus item
A mid-level boss
Defeat him to get to the next part
Staring level two
Turning into a wolf-man
A climbing platform
Got a shield
Game over

Game Gear version

Title screen
Starting a stage
Hey, you surprised me!
Uh... nice to meet you?
I always liked pumpkins
Can I jump to the upper level?
A heart! A heart!
Yikes, so many insects

Genesis version

Title screen
Options menu
Starting a level
Starting the game
Baddies attack
Jumping up
How to pass?
Boss battle: cannon
Boss battle: bird-man
Jungle level
I feel better as a wolf
What lures beyond?..
Ancient ruins
Dangerous chains

SEGA CD version

Title Screen
"Do you want to be a wolf? Yes/No"
Amazing state-of-the-art computer technology!
Turning into a werewolf.
Now he's a wolfman, off to avenge his father!
Main Menu
Map Screen
And now you're back to a normal person at the start of the game. GAPING PLOT HOLE
Grab power-ups to turn into a werewolf
As a wolf, you can shoot fireballs at enemies.
Watch out that you don't get hit by the flames.
Turning into a werewolf.
Wolfman battles Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law.
Getting hit by the enemy projectiles.
Stage 2 is a large jungle with deadly plants
Smash these round things to find even more power-ups.
Upgrade your shots and they become more powerful.
These plants explode into spikes when you come near them.

SEGA Master System version

Title screen
The game begins ... Level 1
Very easy opponents during level 1
The Levelboss of the first stage
The Forest ... Level 2

SNES version

Copyright notice
Title screen
Options menu
Stage 1
The very beginning
A gun turret
First boss fight
Stage 2
Climbing in the trees.
Second boss
Praying mantis-type enemy
Hopping with the help of a grasshopper.
Razor pendulums
Stage 4
Giant elevator going up.
Sinister experiments at the base
Boss 4: mutated lobster