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It's free! Windows The Holy Moly (21)
Great, free multiplayer game Windows Ajan (276)

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Windows 19 4.2
Combined User Score 28 4.1

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96 (May 06, 2005)
Následovat by teď nejspíše mělo hodnocení grafiky či zvukových efektů, viďte? To vše je na úrovni pouze několika málo let starých komerčních her, grafickou stránku jistě dokážete posoudit sami z okolních obrázků. Ke zvukům zbraní bych jisté výhrady měl a samozřejmě hra samotná se neobešla bez malých nešvarů, ale k dokonalosti jí chybí jen málo. Navíc vycházejí opravné patche, které ET ještě vylepšují, a máte také mnoho možností, jak si hru přizpůsobit k obrazu svému. Podpora Enemy Territory je vskutku nevídaná a map, herních módů a všemožných užitečných i neužitečných programů lze na internetu sehnat bezpočet. Pokud překousnete větší velikost archivu, budete odměněni zážitkem, který vám neposkytne ani leckterá komerční hra. Věřím, že si s ní užijete minimálně tolik zábavy, jako jsem si užil svého času já, když jsem ji hýčkával na svém počítači ...
WindowsAbandonia Reloaded (May 20, 2005)
Nevertheless, Wolfenstein- Enemy Territory is a stellar title and if you're a fan of First Person Shooters, you definitely should check it out. So see it for yourself and see what you think.
WindowsFiringSquad (Jun 25, 2003)
I rated Battlefield 1942 lower than it deserved for its myriad of technical problems. Enemy Territory has no such problems. Enemy Territory is also the first multiplayer game to make me completely abandon Battlefield. In fact I haven’t played a multiplayer shooter so much since Quake and Tribes. If that’s not saying something, I don’t know what is. This is not one of, not possibly, but the best multiplayer first-person shooter on the market. Quake and Tribes will just have to make room in my heart for another favorite classic, the kind of game that keeps me awake until 3am and wakes me half an hour early just to get an extra bit of play time before work calls. And to top it off, it’s free.
WindowsDigital Entertainment News (den) (Aug 23, 2003)
Wolf: Enemy Territory is a top notch act. Go download it now. If you have a modem, leave your connection on all weekend to suck it down. It's really worth it.
90 (Jul 08, 2003)
ET is pure multiplayer fun. The only drawbacks are the large download size, and some people have complained about lag.
WindowsThe Freehare (2006)
If you have ever played Counter Strike or Medal of Honor online and you thought that was fun, just wait until you have played this one. I always got bored very soon, because everything was always the same; Kill all others or plant a bomb. Nothing less, nothing more. Enemy Territory, on the other hand, has so much more.
WindowsGamesdog (Nov 11, 2003)
That aside, Id has given us great compensation for the Doom III delay - we just didn’t think we’d be saying this for the second year running since both blockbuster FPS games were delayed. Download it, and get in on this game, checking the PC Gamer forums for details of their server and additional map links. Being Quake III powered, as powerful a PC as possible are the true system requirements but the truth is, a two year old PC capable of playing RTCW will cope fine and with broadband or 256 to 512MB RAM, you won’t notice much of a difference.
WindowsGameZone (Jun 03, 2003)
Overall, Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory may or may not appeal to you RtCW fans since it’s got a lot of newer gameplay style and is not the same thing that you’ve been playing. Regardless, I would definitely recommend that you download it and try it, since I really had a ball with it once I got the hang of what everyone was doing after about two hours or so, and once you begin leveling up and get some new toys to play with, it makes it worth your while. Lock and load soldier … we’re heading back into Germany.
MacintoshGames4Mac (2005)
Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory ist ein tolles Spiel. Trotz des Minuspunkts in der Grafik verliert das Spiel auf keinen Fall an Spielspass. Dennoch: Wer nur mit Modem dieses Spiel spielen möchte, sollte sich auf höhere Telefonrechnungen einstellen, da man für viele Stunden mit dem Internet verbunden sein wird. Ein DSL-Zugang und eine Flatrate sind daher sicherlich ratsam. Das Spiel ist kostenlos zu haben und das Orignalspiel (Return to Castle Wolfenstein) wird nicht benötigt: Was will man mehr?
WindowsIGN (Jun 02, 2003)
Not the perfect balance of coordinated action and high-end graphics many might have been hoping for, nor is it as robust a package as America's Army, Enemy Territory still manages to offer a solid change from a pace set by Battlefield. At the same time, it's an appreciable graphical upgrade above the tight action of Day of Defeat and a solid extension on tried and true Wolfenstein combat.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Jun 28, 2003)
Vanaf nu heeft niemand nog een excuus om niet online te gaan en mee te komen knallen. Een schitterend initiatief en een klassespel!
WindowsPC Gamer (Sep, 2003)
You’re not a stupid person. So when a product like Enemy Territory comes along, we expect you to realize that it’s an unmissable deal: a high-quality game that comes straight from the developer to your computer…at no cost. Better yet, because it’s a standalone package, you don’t need the original Return to Castle Wolfenstein to play it.
WindowsJoystick (French) (Sep, 2003)
De l'action plus ou moins tactique au temps de mémé (c'est pas Operation Flashpoint non plus), avec les vilains Waffen SS pas beaux et les gentils Américains. Certainement un des meilleurs FPS orienté jeu d'équipe actuellement. On est vite accroc : nouvelles armes, nouvelles unités, une action proche de RTCW, en plus complet, plus de "stealth" mais aussi du mortier à l'ancienne. Comme on vous aime, il est même sur le CD 2 du mois !
WindowsPC Zone Benelux (Jul, 2003)
'Is Enemy Territory de download waard?' is dus misschien wel de vreemdste vraag die je op dit moment kunt stellen. Probeer het antwoord zelf te vinden als ik je dit vraag: wil je een nieuwe multiplayer World War 2 shooter met nieuwe wapens, gevarieerde opdrachten, grote maps met allerlei schuilplaatsen en een nieuw puntensysteem, en dit allemaal voor niks, nada, noppes? Precies.