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Back of Cover - Commodore 64 (UK):


    By Rod Pike

    A young man awakes from a strange and fearful dream. He is soaked in blood. In the town a naked corpse of a young woman has been discovered. Her throat has been savagely torn out. The old legends of werewolves are talked about once again and a young man slips silently through the rain, frightened and very confused.
    Very quickly the man has to come to terms with the fact that he is a werewolf and embarks on a journey to find salvation. He encounters many who want to kill him and only great cunning will see him through. There will be brutal and fearful carnage during the journey, for the young man will be forced to revert to the awesome werewolf within him, in order to survive.
    But, amid the blood and rent flesh there is also a tender love. That of the girl Nardia, for this poor young man. Their relationship can be nurtured to a love which is as awesome in its strength, as the appearance of the maggot-ridden cave behemoth is horrifying.
    So, venture into my land of horror, where your worst nightmares become reality, but where also you might find a great and powerful love that will transport you, albeit temporarily, to a place of happier dreams.

    Contributed by FatherJack (62754) on May 05, 2015.