Wonder Boy Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Area 1 Round 1
Losing vitality
Get the doll for bonus points
Riding a skateboard
This is what happens when you smash into a rolling boulder or other obstacle: you lose a life
This is what happens when you get burnt by fire: you lose a life
End-of-round statistics
Area 1 Round 2
Say hello to the hula girls
Area 1 Round 3
A litte grim reaper follows you
Area 1 Round 4

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Area 1.
Break the egg for a power-up.
On the skateboard.
Jump the flames.

Commodore 64 version

Select number of players
The Beginning
Throwing a hatchet at the snail
Burnt by Fire
Round Complete
Out to sea
Tom-Tom decides to take a dip in the ocean
Beware the coal kids
Inside a cave
Tom-Tom gets hit by a boulder
The God of Death follows you
Out in the open
The Dark Forest
Oh no, not them again...
Slowing down on the skateboard
7th boss.
The long-awaited meeting with Tina.

Game Gear version

American title screen
Get Ready
Get fruit to increase your vitality
Throwing your hatchet at a snail
A cute girl is taking you somewhere...
...to the bonus round
Tom-Tom, look out. A poisonous snake!
Tom-Tom is protected by a guarding angel
Get the doll for bonus points
Tom-Tom decides to take a dip in the ocean
Tom-Tom comes face-to-face with a coal kid
Entering the cave
Inside the cave
Burnt by fire
Killed by a flaming skull
Skating through an icy area
Followed by the God of Death
The Dark Forest
One of the bosses you'll meet on your journey
Game Over

SEGA Master System version

Round 1-1
Hitting a snail with your hatchet
Tom-Tom is taken somewhere by a girl...
...to the bonus round
A boulder approaches Tom-Tom
Protected by a guardian angel
Just missed the doll
On a skateboard
Tom-Tom decided to take a dip in the ocean
Burnt by fire
Skating through an icy area
A spider above Tom-Tom
Ran out of vitality
There's another one
Game Over

ZX Spectrum version

Select one or two player
Area 1, Round 1
Avoid these guys but get that fruit
I ran out of vitality