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atari missile command

Wonderland Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Start of game (Hi-Res 16 colors)
Graphics on (Hi-Res 16 colors)
The game's 4 color mode

Atari ST version

Starting game (low res, 16 colors)
Menus (low res, 16 colors)
Entering the rabbit hole (low res, 16 colors)
Entering the rabbit hole (high res, 2 colors)
Peas? Lanterns? Or both? (high res, 2 colors)
Falling... (high res, 2 colors)

DOS version

Title Screen
The river bank
The pear grove
The White Rabbit's front garden
Outside the Duchess' house
CGA Display Option (No Graphics Available)
Tandy 4-Color Option
Tandy 16-Color Option
Hercules Graphics Option
EGA Title Screen
EGA Graphics Option
MCGA Graphics Option
SVGA Paradise or Video Seven Graphics Option