Judgement Silversword: Rebirth Edition Screenshots (WonderSwan Color)

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WonderSwan Color version

WonderWitch load homage.
Information screen
Score table
Blasting things over the blue planet.
Gunship taking damage.
Shield absorbing a missile.
A onslaught on hostile cogs!
Dead, but at least a 1up appeared.
Bullets fly.
The first Judge.
With the sword destroyed he flees.
Heavily armoured foes.
Shield depleted.
Concentrated fire.
Longer and faster missles in the 9th area.
Missle launching gunship.
Here comes the Judge, look big :(
Magnificence launches missles...
...and fires red spheres.
Hit by a chain of ships.
Yellow ships, are harder ships.
Homing diamonds
Getting a bit close in here...
Pause mode unlocked, but what awaits?