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Advertising Blurbs - PSP:
    The hit handheld RPG returns! Utilizing the capacity of the UMD, the high-quality soundtrack and fully-voiced events immerse the players into the world of Riviera as never before.

    Contributed by Lampbane (3074) on Jan 13, 2009.
    1000 years have passed since Ragnarok, the war between Asgard, realm of the gods, and Utgard, home of the demons. Recently, the floating island of Riviera has been showing signs that the demons are returning. With the gods no longer present, another Ragnarok would mean certain doom for Asgard. The decision was made to evoke the Retribution and destroy Riviera; the Grim Angels Ein and Ledah were appointed as the executors of this task. Now, the two angels descend upon the Promised Land, unaware of the fate that awaits them should they succeed...

    Contributed by Lampbane (3074) on Jan 13, 2009.

Nintendo E3 2005 Catalog:
    Experience exquisite hand-drawn graphics with over 100 character expressions and event scenes! Riviera is packed with over 30 hours of intense RPG gameplay. Enjoy high replayability with multiple endings and five exciting varieties of minigames that unlock rare items and secret paths.

    Contributed by Lampbane (3074) on Jan 03, 2009.

Back of Box - Game Boy Advance (US):
    One thousand years have passed since the gods of Asgard sacrificed their power over the demons. The Seven Magi must invoke the Retribution to annihilate the demons, but if they succeed it will bring dark consequences to the land and its inhabitants.
    • A beautiful fantasy world drawn in lush detail!
    • Branching paths of adventure lead to multiple endings!
    • Unique item system that changes the item's properties depending on the user!

    Contributed by breakyboy (1634) on Mar 01, 2006.
    With more than 30 hours of gameplay and multiple endings, Riviera looks to be a great epic on the Game Boy Advance.

    These angels have attitude. Join Grim Angels Ledah and Ein as they fight the darkness on their way to the sacred soil of Riviera: The Promised Land.


    • Hand-drawn graphics with more than 100 character expressions and event scenes
    • 30-plus hours of gameplay with multiple endings
    • Five varieties of minigames that unlock rare items and secret paths
    • Unique item system: items function differently depending on which character equips them

    Long ago, a war between gods and demons threw the world into chaos. On the brink of losing, the gods sacrificed their lives to create fierce warriors known as Grim Angels. These angels brought the war to an end, sealing away the demons and the gods. However, the gods left their powers behind on the heavenly isle of Riviera. After 1,000 years, the demons' return is near. Now, two Grim Angels will descend to the sacred soil of Riviera.

    The movement and search controls are best described as modified point-and-click. Instead of directly controlling the movements of Ledah and Ein, the game gives you movement choices on every section of the map. You simply chose the direction you wish to go with the Control Pad when you are in Move mode.

    The same approach is taken with items on any given map. To go from Move mode to Look mode, press A. Arrows indicate items on the map. If you want to trigger the item, press the Control Pad in the corresponding direction of the arrow.

    Each item has a Trigger Point value. Every time you defeat an enemy, you gain Trigger Points. You shouldn't feel obligated to look at every item, especially if you have a low number of Trigger Points, but looking in treasure chests is a no-brainer.

    If confronted by an enemy, you get to chose four items to take with you to the fight. The basic weapons are the powerful Diviners, but Ledah and Ein will pick up other weapons and items such as potions along the way. The Diviners offer unlimited attacks. Other weapons and items have limited uses. The characters also learn Over Skills, which are powerful attacks that can be unleashed when the Over Skills meter fills. Each attack on an enemy adds to the meter.

    Although your characters level up with experience, you cannot choose which attributes to level up.

    On occasion you'll be required to participate in a small test of skill. You'll need to either push a series of buttons or tap a button repeatedly. Otherwise, the gameplay is pretty straightforward.

    Bottom Line

    Although hardcore RPG fans might look for a game with more detailed attribute-building, more casual adventure fans will doubtless be hooked by the intriguing storyline.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65822) on Oct 23, 2005.