Tekken Card Challenge Screenshots (WonderSwan)

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WonderSwan version

Heihachi making his selection.
Title Screen
Heihachi getting a kick in.
Heihachi goes down.
Connection countdown.
The victim of a grabbing attack is represented by a dummy.
Character bio
A card on the ground.
At a shrine.
Fighting with Crow.
Time up, on the world map.
Move roulettes.
Card level up in the shrine.
Combo move
I'm running out of time!
Being juggled by Lei..
Starting character selection.
A kicking upgrade.
Flying kick used on Lei.
A fierce battle with a wild panda.
P.E.T.A. Swoops in.
Victory over the Panda!
Well that just ain't kosher.
The forest
Ogre's world.
Owl summons reinfocments
Fighting with the great Ogre.
Take that Ogre!
This doesn't seem like it is going to work to well.
True Ogre has a very strong attack...
True Ogre doesn't look to phazed.
Victory card!
Bear hug!
Panda wandering in the highlands of China.
A new card! Not really sure what it is...
Panda takes a blow.