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Wuz↑b? Produce: Street Dancer Screenshots (WonderSwan)

User Screenshots

WonderSwan version

Title screen
Ready to dance on street?
Main menu
Hi-score list
Character select
Stage select
Hiphop stage
Doin' a wave.
A composed "Gaia"
Stage results
Stage clear! Plus unlocked moves!
Score entry
Lockin' out!
Order to switch orientation for rock
How could you miss _that_!?
Feel, a zen dance step
Up-side... yes this is the up-side?
Turn back to standard game when your done lockin'.
Failure x_x
Jazz stages, flip the system upside down.
Jazz can be a tad harder the other modes.
A complex chain
Step book, look at all the moves you've unlocked.
Higher level hiphop
Jazz at the harbour
Everyone cries when they fail.
Game over
In free mode you can do whatever you like...
Even if it annoys U.
Multiplayer character select. Notice in the upper lefthand corner there is an indicaton that this is for the Y button players.
Player Y hits directional buttons in the Y column and player X hits the directions in the X column.
Player X wins!
Total teamwork score
Saved replays