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Words Worth Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen + Main menu
The new gorgeous intro
The sacred tablet Words Worth
In a traditional anime fashion, the intro presents the characters of the game
A peaceful scene... take a good look at it, because the game is anything but peaceful
Elaborate options menu
This is your dad, whom I prefer to call Wordseeker, instead of the awful "Wortoshika"
All the characters together in the gallery menu
The first 3D dungeon
Character screen
Astral's room
Childhood memory: Astral and Sharon as kids
The Tribe of Shadow has many very different characters...
Dialogue choices
Enemy appears!
One of the most violent characters of the Shadow Tribe
Auto-map! Great!
Found some barrels...
Game Over screen
Here you can view the CGs of the game
Tougher enemies appear on the second level
Every item shop has a different seller and even different background graphics! That's what I call attention to detail
She is just thinking about Mario
You'll sometimes find corpses in dungeons and get some items off them
To avoid misunderstandings: the men of the Light Tribe are as violent and lecherous as those of the Dark one. This knight attempts to rape Nina
This separate inventory contains all key items
Boss battle. This guy hits hard, from above
You'll need to use a specific item at this place
Underground forest area. Knights are wandering
High kick in my face!
The 3D dungeons are rather bland. This bridge area is about as detailed as it gets
Romance, jealousy, and complex feelings - the story of Words Worth
This girl is equipped with two weapons, and will use the bow from afar
Those sprites standing there usually indicate a dialogue scene or warn before a boss battle
The dungeons can get quite complex
Dramatic scene. What happened to your friend?..
This angel-like enemy hits really hard, with ranged magic