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The Video Game Critic (Jun 01, 2002)
The gameplay is much deeper than its predecessor - there are now headers, penalty kicks, corner kicks, and penalty cards. You even get to see a replay of each goal. There are 32 teams and plenty of customization options. If there's one area where the game stumbles badly, it's in the sound department. The background music is fair, but the crowd sound effects are unbearable. The disjointed, incomprehensible "chants" sound like a poor radio reception. Sound is NOT the Genesis' strong suit, and Sega shouldn't have attempted to be so ambitious. Other than that, this soccer game is definitely worth checking out. It also provides multi-tap support.
Game Players (Aug, 1994)
The game's weakness comes in the area of extras, which run dry after you choose your team and formation. Since you can't substitute players, edit your team or enjoy and other options, World Championship II must stand on it's gameplay along. That's fine when the teams are evenly matched, but when you encounter a club that's not as talented --- regardless of the difficulty setting --- you quickly lose interest after you've built a lead of five or more goals.
GamePro (US) (Sep, 1994)
The graphics barely improve on the original and the sound is slightly above average, but it still is a fun game to play and though not among the elite soccer carts, it is still a solid game.
Score (Nov, 1994)
World Championship Soccer 2 je nadprůměrná sportovní hra. Hrál jsem sice už lepší, ale i k této se budu rád vracet.
Video Games (Jul, 1994)
World Championship Soccer II erinnert mich an das erste Fußballspiel auf dem C 64. Die Sprites sind schön groß, sie wirken jedoch sehr eckig. Die Steuerung bereitet keinerlei Probleme, Dribblings sind jedoch ziemlich schwierig. Auch Anfänger können schon nach wenigen Minuten die ersten Tore erzielen. Nach jedem Torerfolg gibt‘s eine Zeitlupe, die jedoch nicht nach Belieben angehalten oder wiederholt werden kann. W.C. Soccer II fehlt der Realismus und die Atmosphäre von FIFA Soccer und der Spielspaß von Sensible Soccer. Ich wüßte keinen Grund, warum sich irgendjemand dieses mittelmäßige Modul kaufen sollte.
World Championship Soccer II is a disappointing sequel. The game features none of the special touches found in the first cart, such as the first-person graphics on corner, goal and penalty kicks. About the only thing it has going for it over the original is support for the Team Player adapter, which lets up to four friends compete in a variety of different cooperative and competitive combinations. I hope Sega doesn't wait another five years to try again.
The control isn't the problem with this one, it's the presentation: the players look awkward bobbing up and down on the field, and the slanted perspective also hinders things. However, there are plenty of teams and games to pick from.