World Circuit Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Intro picture
Company logo MicroProse
Title screen #1
Introduction scene
Introduction scene
Title screen #2
Startup menu
Track selection
Get ready to start
Practice race
European Title Screen
Main Menu
Select Driver
Qualifying Paused
TV Cam
Chase Cam
Mirrors Full
Qualifying Position Screen

Atari ST version

Formula one car (from intro).
Company logo.
Title screen.
Formula one car data.
Entering cockpit.
Always wear a helmet.
Another title screen.
Language selection.
Startup menu.
Main menu.
Choose your driver.
Monte-Carlo circuit records.
Track selection.
At pitstop.
In front of a tunnet in monaco.
Inside a tunnel in monaco.
Startup grid.
At starting line.
Driving close to another car.
Viewing Robert Davies.
I lost control.
Passing another car.
Breaking in corners.
Chase camera.
Front view of F1 car.
Race paused.
Your current qualifying position.

DOS version

Main Menu
Select Your Driver
Select The Track
Track Information
Inside - Waiting
Inside - In a Persuit
Outside - TV Camera
You Are Out
Go! Go! Go!
Accelerating into the long straight at Phoenix. Note the rear mirrors.
Track overview: Phoenix.
Trackside details are exquisite, such as these palm trees.
Fierce competition on Monza's forest straight.
Approaching the box - the crew is ready for service.
In the box. The clock ticks while a crew member cleans your windshield with a towel...
Accelerating out of the box. The competitor is still being serviced.
Box lane exit. The excited crowd watches in the background.
The car setup screen. Tune your car's performance.
Heavy traffic in a left turn. The AI competition is none too clever.
Animated marshals signal events.
When driving behind other cars in rainy weather, a fog effect simulates splash water mist.
Whoops, collision! Note the other car's damaged rear wing.
Winning animation.
Post-race statistics.
A replay from the track-side TV camera perspective.
Language selection screen
European Title
Startup menu
View of Monaco track
Circuit selection screen
Monaco tunnel ahead
Inside Monaco tunnel
Going under the track in Japan
Yes, there are external views too.
And you can also navigate through external views of every pilot.