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World Class Soccer Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading Screen.
Title Screen.
Select your team.
Your squad.
On the attack.
Ball is in the box.

Atari ST version

Loading screen
Title screen
Company credits - no specific names given, sadly for us
Main menu
Team selection
Typical underestimation of Cameroon in the ratings
This presenter looks oddly like Chris Waddle
They're against Ireland, so this makes sense
Choose your formation
Quite low ratings for 1986's top scorer
Kick off
Cinematics greet each goal kick
Ireland struggling to clear
Didn't miss by much
Goalie's ball - like most soccer games of the era, you can't foul the keeper
Looks more like three-quarters time
Your reward for scoring
Result - Eire being Ireland's authentic name
The full results list
Group tables
The masters of Total Football take to the stage
It's in!
The ball bounces away
Subtitles for the stupid are included
In comes the ball....

Commodore 64 version

Main menu
Choosing a team
Fixture list
Picked my 11 first-choice players
Formation - the numbers mean Defenders-Midfielders-Attackers
Ready to go
The keeper can let this run out of play
A chance here
Half time

DOS version

Title Screen
We're on TV!
The game starts...
...And soon I'm about to score.

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Title screen
Preferences...or options as we're used to calling it
You can choose from every competing nation in the 1990 World Cup
And the match we have for you today is Argentina versus Cameroon
You choose the formation here
And then you select your playing squad, which had to include a certain Maradona
And this World Cup group match is underway
Scoreboard graphics are displayed during the game, here's one for a Throw In
Keeper's ball
Goal Kick
Oh dear the Argentine's clearly dived there and rightly so the referee tells him to get up and waves play on
Corner Kick
It's a goal! Argentina take the lead and it just HAD to be Diego Maradona stealing the headlines yet again!
And the whistle blows for half time
The referee's clearly not happy there as he calls play back
And he shows a yellow card, well it was coming really and he'll now need to be careful for the rest of the game
The referee blows his whistle and bring the game to a close
And confirmation on the score of today's match, Argentina 1 Cameroon 0
A look at the other results from the opening group games, including a shock defeat for England against the Republic of Ireland while the UAE claimed a well-earned draw against Columbia
And here's how the results affect the group tables