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World Cup USA 94 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
World Cup 94 Mascot
Official Licensed Product
Another title screen
Language selection
Main menu
Team Selection
Loading screen
Players entering arena
Match starts with a coin toss
Player gets a yellow card
Player gets a red card
Match results
World Cup scoreboard

DOS version

Title Screen
Main Menu
The players are going out for their match
After goal an unhappy side

Game Boy version

Title screen
Here comes the mascot.
Language selection
Main menu
Team selection
And the next match is...
Kick off
The referee blows his whistle.
Good chance in the penalty area here.
And he scores!
Very close here. Will it go in?
The referee shows the yellow card.
Looks like the keeper will take this one.
Throw In
Keeper is about to set the ball in play again.
Good position for a free kick.

Game Gear version

Funny Sega logo
Hey, Philipp!
Title screen
Interesting country selection...
The whole menus in the game are presented as such dogs, which is quite confusing
Teams & groups
I think I know where USA is...
The players are getting out
Coin flip!
The ball becomes huge when flying in the air
Hey, don't be so rude
The referee interferes
Free kick

Genesis version

Legal stuff
The mascot shows off his skills
'By Tiertex' - a message guaranteed to bring terror to gamers everywhere
Main menu
Some options
And some more
The coin toss
Defensive wall for a free-kick
Wide of the goal

SEGA CD version

the introduction is the same as in the cartridge version, but playing a Scorpions tune (No Pain No Gain)
Main menu
Trivia game
The game includes videos with stadium fly-byes...
... and venue information
Selecting a team
Players entering the field
Popup with the referee gesturing

SEGA Master System version

Title screen
Short intro
Select your language
Main menu. Try to figure out what those dog pictures mean...
Team roster
Kick off!
It's a dangerous situation...
Hey, that was unfair!
Nice animations: the referee points to a corner kick
World cup: team select
World cup in progress: CPU vs. CPU
World Cup options

SNES version

The mascot walks out.
Turns on the spotlight and shows his stuff.
Title screen
Select language.
Select your team.
The players take the field.
Ready position
The coin toss
We're into the game.
He fouled and has been yellow carded.
Replay in slow-mo
+ Portugal, France, Denmark, England, Japan!!
Gameplay (Japanese version)
Throw in