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World Games Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Main menu
Country selection
Weight Lifting description
Choose weight
Go go go
Cliff Diving description
Jumping down
Barrel Jumping description
You should jump right now
Bull Riding description
Nasty Ferdinand
Log Rolling description
Toss your opponent into the water
Slalom Skiing description
Starting the run
Caber Toss description
Ouch, that will hurt
Sumo Wrestling description
Smash your opponent

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen.
Option screen.
Barrel Jumping.
Cliff Diving.
Alpine Skiing.
Log Rolling.
Bull Riding.
Caber Toss.
Sumo Wrestling.

Apple II version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Enter your name and select your country,
Weight Lifting travelogue
Weight Lifting
Barrel Jumping travelogue
Barrel Jumping
Cliff Diving travelogue
Cliff Diving - Starting off
Cliff Diving - Here I go!
Cliff Diving - Swimming back up to the surface
Slalom Skiing travelogue
Slalom Skiing - At the starting gate
Slalom Skiing - Skiing through flags
Slalom Skiing - Crashed!
Log Rolling travelogue
Log Rolling - Here we go!
Log Rolling - The computer knocked me off of the log!
Bull Riding travelogue
Bull Riding - Starting off at the gate
Bull Riding - The bull knocked me off!
Caber Toss travelogue
Caber Toss
Sumo Wrestling travelogue
Sumo Wrestling

Apple IIgs version

Title screen
Country selection
Cliff diving
Barrel jumping
Bull riding
Log rolling is one of the rather obscure disciplines, here is the description
Log rolling
Slalom skiing
Caber toss
Sumo Wrestling

Atari ST version

Title screen
Main menu
Next event: cliff diving
Ready to dive.
I can fly!
That did hurt.
Ready to start.
Nope, that's not the way to do it.
Almost made it.
Select which country you want to play as.
Time to get serious.
I made it!
France won that event
The score so far
World records

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Main options
Overview of disciplines
Description of a discipline
Weightlifting - you can drop the weight now
Barrel Jumping - make sure to time your jump well...
... and land carefully
Cliff Diving
Pull up before your athlete gets his head stuck in the sand
Slalom Skiing - French Fry, Pizza, French Fry...
... Pizzaaaa... damn!
Every discipline is preceded by a more or less helpful description
Log Rolling
Two minutes? Gimme a break!
Barrel Jumping results
Results of all events so far
Bull Riding
Caber Toss isn't the easiest discipline
Sumo Wrestling

MSX version

Title screen
Play Select
Select the events to play
World Records
Weight Lifting
Barrel Jumping
Slalom Skiing

NES version

Title screen
Main menu
World records
Choose your players and their countries!
Description of an event
Choosing your event
Jumping on barrels: choose the amount of barrels
Come on, we can do that!
I'm so scared...
The bird is interested in my diving
Slalom ride
Log-rolling in water
Who cares, I didnt' like him anyway
What a load of bull!
Ouch!! I dropped this thing on my foot!!
Sumo wrestlers

PC Booter version

Title screen
Weight Lifting
Select events to compete in.
An introduction to barrel jumping
Attempting to jump some barrels.
Ready for cliff diving?
Cliff diving.
Preparing to begin slalom skiing.
Skiing; no, go the other way, between the poles!
Ready to begin log rolling?
Riding a bull.
Attempting the caber toss.
Introduction to sumo wrestling
Some sumo wrestling

SEGA Master System version

Barrel Jumping History
Title Screen
Barrel Jumping
Log Rolling
Bull Riding
Bull Riding #2
Caber Tossing
World Records
Caber Toss History

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Weight Lifting
Barrel Jumping
Cliff Diving
Slalom Skiing
Log Rolling
Bull Riding
Caber Toss
Sumo Wrestling