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With only two new characters, World Heroes 2 Jet is not a huge step up from it's predecessor. Some players are bound to miss the "Death Match" mode (from the previous World Heroes games), which was much more innovative than Jet's Tournament mode. Fortunately, the series has continued to distance itself from the "Street Fighter clone" symptoms of the first World Heroes game and characters like Mudman, J. Maximum and Rasputin are still among the genre's most original fighters.
Neo GeoVideo Games (Jul, 1994)
Alles in allem überragt World Heroes 2 Jet mit seinen 176 MBit (offenbar ungeschriebenes Gesetz: Kein Fremdhersteller darf größere Module als SNK selbst auf den Markt bringen...) den Vorgänger in puncto Aufmachung und Spielbarkeit um Längen. Besser als Samurai Shodown? — Nicht ganz, aber Art of Fighting 2 hat alle Hände voll zu tun, seinen zweiten Platz in der Neo-Geo-Handkanten-Hierarchie zu verteidigen.
Neo GeoThe Video Game Critic (Apr 22, 2008)
Jack is pretty outrageous with his Freddy Krueger claws, and I really dig his foggy London rooftop stage. Unfortunately, the victory poses for both Jack and the magician Rasputin are totally gay and seem very much out of character. As in previous games, holding in the punch or kick button longer enables more powerful blows, but tweaks the controls a bit. The throw button has been replaced by a useless "raz" button, but as before, you'll automatically throw when you punch (or kick) at close range. One tricky new move for experts is the "fake feint" which fools your opponent into thinking you're in a dizzy, vulnerable state. I found World Heroes 2 Jet far more compelling than the previous editions, mainly on the strength of its addictive tournament mode. The next (and final) entry in this fine series was World Heroes Perfect (ADK, 1995). Perfect is a rare title, so I'd recommend most gamers to invest in the excellent World Heroes Anthology (Playstation 2, 2008) instead.
I bought World Heroes 2 and thought it was a good game. Now after playing this remake, I'm about to toss the old one out! This cart has been retooled to play better and have more moves. There are so many cool additions, it's hard to describe how much is new. I like the many taunts and fake dizzies. The two new characters are a bit too powerful though. This is one to get if you have a Neo Geo.
Neo GeoGamePro (US) (Aug, 1994)
Even though Jet has more depth than previous Heroes, it's still missing the defining elements of an SF II-quality game, such as a true four-button configuration (not to mention six buttons), tightly balanced gameplay and extremely likeable characters. Despite it's important improvements, Jet hasn't quite reached cruising altitude.
This is a miracle for Game Boy fighting games. Even the tournament modes have been left in. The only drawback is, alas, the beeps and pops for the music, but it's a small price to pay for such a great GB title.
Neo GeoMega Fun (Jun, 1994)
Statt eine Menge Geld in die Entwicklung neuer, eigenständiger Titel zu stecken, schiebt Alpha Denshi lieber ein Update mit zusätzlichen Gegnern und neuen Special Moves hinterher. Konnte man beim zweiten Teil wenigstens noch eine merkbare Steigerung gegenüber dem Erstlingswerk feststellen, haben die Programmierer es diesmal nicht geschafft, das breitgetretene Spieiprinzip noch ein Stück zu verbessern. Weder die zwei neuen, sehr starken Charaktere noch den „Fake-Dizzy“ kann man als Fortschritt bezeichnen. Die World Heroes-Serie steht ohnehin schon im Schatten von Fatal Fury und Art Of Fighting, und die Jet-Version ist höchstens für Nimmersatte oder wegen der leichtgängigen Special Moves für Anfänger interessant.
Game BoyMega Fun (Jul, 1995)
Die umfangreichen Special Moves wurden vollständig beibehalten. ebenso ist es nach wie vor möglich, den Gegner zu provozieren oder auszutricksen. Auch spielerisch braucht sich die Umsetzung gegenüber dem Orginal nicht zu verstecken. Die einfache Steuerung garantiert einen einwandfreien Einsatz der Special Moves. Insgesamt ist World Heroes Jet trotz der gewaltigen Abmagerungskur ein gutes Beispiel für eine solide Game Boy-Prügelei.
WiiNintendo Life (Feb 21, 2013)
World Heroes 2 Jet tries to make marginal improvements over its predecessor, but somehow fails to give the experience enough of an upgrade to warrant being a separate release. If you're looking to pick up a World Heroes titles, World Heroes Perfect is the pinnacle of the series and a fairly decent upgrade over this very average fighting title. It's nice to see SNK Playmore being thorough in releasing all titles in their various series, but this one is far from being an essential purchase, even for fighting game addicts.
Game BoyTotal! (Germany) (Aug, 1995)
Wer bis zur Veröffentlichung von ‚Street Fighter II‘ und ‚Killer Instinct‘ nicht warten möchte, der kann bei World Heroes 2 Jet ruhig zuschlagen.
This game was really impressive back when it was released in the arcade, but times change quickly in the fighting-game arena and I wouldn't put this in the category of "classic" so it's hard to recommend a purchase. Pass on this one and get World Heroes Perfect when it's released for the home.
WiiDefunct Games (Feb 15, 2013)
On its own, this is yet another solid fighting game for the Neo Geo. It has a wide variety of characters to choose from, good looking visuals, catchy tunes and two intriguing game modes. If it wasn't for the pesky release of World Heroes Perfect, this would be a must-have. But Perfect has been available for months, rendering this an unnecessary purchase. Still, World Heroes 2 Jet is an above average fighting game with a lot going for it. Respect its place in the franchise and then buy World Heroes Perfect instead.
Game BoyGamePro (US) (Jun, 1995)
You wouldn't think Playmates would be able to cram 16 fighters (with special moves) into a tiny 4-meg cart. Think again. World Heroes 2 Jet is a scaled down version of the Neo Geo fighter, and for its size, it's a portable punch-out.
Neo GeoAll Game Guide (1998)
World Heroes 2 Jet's controls are similar to the previous World Heroes games. The A button is for punching, while the B button is for kicking. By tapping the buttons players can get light attacks, while holding the buttons down results in strong attacks.