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World War Zero: Iron Storm Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
In the beginning...
The infirmary
The shooting range. Admittedly your soldiers are not the best there are.
Thanks for showing me the frontline boys.
The beginning of the game is spent mostly in the trenches which gives a really bad first impression.
The first enemies killed.
Here's what the save machines look like. They're small consoles spread throughout the levels.
Occasionally you will wound one of the enemies. You may as well kill him though since your backup (if there's any following) always does.
There are many different types of mounted guns in the game.
They all have scopes too.
We have to get near that old church...
Here's a communications room. You can see one of the save consoles on a table in the back.
What's a war FPS without a flame thrower?
Most of the guns have a sniper/periscope feature. Sniper no sniping!
Soon the fight is taken to the streets.
Here's what happens when a hallucinogenic grenade goes off.
Piece de resistance
Let's fight!
This was just too gorgeous not to grab.
The chemical plant
What's going on?
Even in the thick of battle some people must have their creature comforts.
Of course there are conduits, what did you expect?
At least you get a chance to snipe out of them.
We'll cross that bridge when we find it.
Here's one of the glitches that are all over the game. I think it has something to do with its previous incarnation.
Every Nazi base needs a pool hall.
Most props in-game are not destructable and all are non-interactive except for buttons.
Onboard the train, the chapel car
The priest's room
This train even has a pool.
Taking a bath.
The train station.
Searching for the Baron.
Arms and literature
This is where we make our propaganda.
The Baron's bedroom...but who's that?...