Wreckers Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen
Exterior of the space station
Player selection screen
Game start
Map of the station
Info about the player
Info about beacon 0
Battlepod 0 is ready for use
Using battlepod 0
Message archive
Info about the blue droid
Game options

DOS version

The automap shows space station Beacon’s two levels and four sections. Infected areas are highlighted green or yellow. Droids are controlled from this map.
One of the station’s droids going about its business. This fighter guards a battlepod.
The fact sheet for one of the three humans aboard the station. You control only one at a time, but can switch between them at leisure.
Get rid of plasmodians, option 1: cleaning space with a huge vacuum hose.
Get rid of plasmodians, option 2: Levitate outside the station and clean the hull.
Get rid of plasmodians, option 3: Shoot-out with the green blobs inside the corridors.