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GenesisMean Machines (Jun, 1991)
I’ve taken quite a lot of phone calls asking about Megadrive wrestling games over the last few months, but I reckon I can relax a bit now, because although this isn’t actually a WWF game it should be good enough to keep most wrestling fans happy! The fighter graphics are really great – certainly the best I’ve seen on any wrestling game outside of an arcade – and he animation is spectacularly dynamic. There is quite a bit of skill involved in the gameplay, and though the control system will more than likely break either your wrist or your joypad, it all adds to the frantic fun. Definitely the champion Megadrive tussling game.
Wrestle War is fast and playable, and there is some real skill required, if you're going to trash the whole bunch of computer fighters. What really makes this game are the big wrestler sprites, whose movements and facial expressions are superbly animated. Not only does it look good, all the grimaces and popping eyeballs are added too by sampled groans and "oof!" sounds, making it one of the most satisfying beat 'em ups you could hope to play outside of an arcade.
GenesisFamily Friendly Gaming (Jan, 2017)
Wrestle War allows for a one player or a two player experience. Family members can work together to try and learn the controls in Wrestle War. I actually recommend that, especially when there is no manual included with many retro games. If you like wrestling games and can handle some of the issues then you should enjoy Wrestle War.
GenesisPower Play (Nov, 1991)
Die körpernahe Muskelakrobatik, die wohl kaum als "Sport" zu bezeichnen ist, mag im Fernsehen noch ganz nett sein, aber als Spiel ist es eine mittelschwere Katastrophe. "Wrestle War" ist ein Modul-Murks allererster Güte. Die acht Muskelprotze sind innerhalb von 15 Minuten mit immer der gleichen Kombination aus Schlag und Hebelgriff zu erledigen. Leider funktioniert das nur mit einem vernünftigen Joystick. Per Joypad kommt man, dank der üblen und unfairen Steuerung, über die ersten zwei Kämpfe nicht hinaus. Einzig der Zwei-Spieler-Modus, bei dem man gegen einen Kumpel statt gegen die Computerringer antreten kann, sorgt für Unterhaltung.
10 (Mar 21, 2011)
To wrap things up, I can't speak to Wrestle War's faithfulness to its arcade brethren, for not only have I never played it in the arcade, but I can't even recall once even seeing a Wrestle War arcade machine, and I was THE arcade rat when I was a kid growing up in the late '80s/early '90s. Regardless of that, I cannot stress enough the vital importance of avoiding Wrestle War if you ever come across it for whatever reason. No matter how cheap you may find it, no matter if you can play the import cart with ease, no matter how much you love vintage pro wrestling video games; avoid Wrestle War at all costs. Trust me, you'll be glad that you did.