X-Men: Children of the Atom Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Character select
Hard attack
Wolverine's first attack
Air Duel
Psylocke vs Storm
Like uppercut
Special power - multiple Psylocke
Winner's pose
Flying kick
Mental attack
Long fall
Claws in face!
Collosus throws Wolverine
And KO!
Steel Collosus lies on the ground
Claws fury
High hells kick
Silver Samurai has troubles
Electric attack
Sentilels are "enemy" robots - all x-men fans hates they

DOS version

This menu allows you to specify if you want to play with a joystick/joypad (if you have one) or the keyboard. You can also redefine the keys for each player.
Character selection screen. When you select a character, a larger portrait is displayed on the left (or right for player 2) and the corresponding character at the bottom is animated.
After selecting a character, you can choose between manual guard or automatic guard. The latter automatically guards against any enemy attack, but in exchange prevents from doing some advanced moves.
Here is Psylocke's Psi-Blast, her "fireball" move. Doing special moves, regular moves and taking damage will increase the power bar (under the life bar) which is used for super moves.
Psylocke's Psi-Blade is her "dragon punch" move, especially good to intercept air attacks. If timed correctly you can chain another Psi-Balde just after.
Psylocke's Ninjitsu Split will consume part of the power bar and create multiple images of Psylocke which can deal damage on regular moves. Only the real Psylocke can receive damage.
Cyclops' Optic Blast. It will hit at any place of the beam, therefore unlike a projectile you don't have to time your shot so that it intercepts a jumping enemy at his landing point.
Cyclops's Optic Blast, like most characters' "fireball" powers, can also be fired when jumping.
Cyclops can also fire an Optic Blast "bullet". This is done simply by pressing the strong punch button.
By pressing down and up just after, you can do a super jump. If the enemy is no longer visible an arrow beacon allows you to track his/her position.
Depending on the button pressed at the end of their execution, some super moves take a different direction. Here a diagonal upwards Optic Blast, good for air interception.
Silver Samurai's Shuriken vs. Cyclops's Optic Blast bullet. Two "fireball" moves, when meeting, cancel each other.
If you inflict a large amount of damage on an enemy, he will get dizzy and hence vulnerable to any attack for a few seconds. You can see that at the character animation and rotating red portrait.
Storm's Hyper X move sends devastating lightnings in 8 directions. Hyper X moves are a character's most powerful moves and consume most of or all of the power bar.
Psylocke's Psi-thrust is her Hyper X move. As it does not fully consume the power bar, you can chain with a second one during its execution.
Cyclops has two Hyper X moves. One is Mega Optic Blast. The other, Super Optic Blast, is an Optic Blast that lasts a few seconds, can be fully oriented and is reflected by the ground, as seen here.
Under the portrait, some symbols show how a won round had ended. A clock means a time victory, a V means the finishing move was a simple blow, a Ss round ended with an Hyper X move.
After the match, the winner always has a quote to taunt the loser. Unless the winner is CPU-controlled, you also see the score of the winner.
After each victory, you go back to the game map which displays who your next opponent is and those you have already defeated. The last column is reserved for the two bosses.
After beating 6 opponents (out of the 10 characters), you will fight the first boss, Juggernaut. He is slow, but his moves have a far reach and deal a lot of damage
When meeting Magneto, the ultimate boss, he will be sitting in his chair. Then, while descending to fight you, he will serve you a little speech about you daring rise against him.
Like in arcade games, when you lose, you are given a hint about some of your character's moves and have a few seconds to decide if you want to continue the current game.
If you manage to get one of the five highest scores, you can enter your initials.
When two players select the same character, the costume of the second character will have a different colour, helping to distinguish each one from the other.
Levels scenery are made of multiple layers. Some levels will automatically scroll (through parallax scrolling), with sometimes objects in the front layer, like the girder here.
Some levels feature a breakable ground. After players fell on the ground a few times, it will break, the players and a few debris will fall, until they reach the new ground.
True to the comics, some dangers appear during the fight in the Danger room level, as can be seen here near Storm. These are purely cosmetic however and don't interfere in the battle.
One of Storm's air regular moves releases a relatively slow electric ball in the air. You can spot Professor X behind the glass, watching over the fighters.
The Danger room can switch to different aspects. For instance, here it simulates a jungle environment.
Another possible aspect is an underwater environment. Yet another possibility is a space environment aspect.
Press F10 (options), go into the configuration menu (7.) and type the word "spam". In the system menu (7.1) you can now activate Boss Select and Free Play (unlimited credits).
After activating the Boss Select option, select a character and when choosing the guard mode, press and hold the three punches buttons. When the fight begins you will play as Juggernaut.
Do the same but with the three kick buttons and you will play as Magneto. His Hyper Grav move, seen here, can grab an enemy, even if he/she is in defense position.
One of Magneto's super move is Force field. For a brief moment, it will block any projectile or any attack! But his attacks can still get out!!!
Magneto and Storm have the possibility to fly and therefore attack the enemy while hovering. Flying only stops after a while, if you are hit by an enemy or if you do the fly move again to land.
Magneto's Hyper X move is Shock Wave. He will fire energy pillars as high as the screen, which will move to the other side of the screen and deal a massive amount of damage.

PlayStation version

Title screen
Pick yer mutant, bub.
Get ready to tango.
Berzerker Barrage!
There's no getting the jump on Iceman.
Colossus doesn't need to control weather to put Storm through a tornado.
Omega Strike!
Talkin' smack between fights.
No, that's not Wolvie. It's the last blow of Spiral's Metamorphosis combo.
Spiral's got as many blades as she's got arms.
Create your own combo.
More characters.
Speed up.
X-Men & Villains.