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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Commodore 64 (US):


    The X-Men are mutants with uncanny abilities that set them far apart from normal humans. Educated and trained by the famous Professor Xavier, himself a mutant with telepathic powers, the X-Men are the world's most unusual and elite crime-fighting force.
    Now they face their toughest challenge, Magento, the X-Men's arch-enemy and Arcade, a cruel and scheming genius, have kidnapped Professor X. To rescue their mentor, the X-Men must venture into Murderworld, Arcade's deadly amusement park of terror. There they will battle a legion of evil-doers and take on more tricks, traps and surprises than they've ever faced before!

    The leader of the X-Men. His eyes release concentrated blasts of pure energy.

    Worshipped as a goddess in her native Africa. She can control the weather with a thought.

    A man with the body of a demon. He can scale any surface and teleport anywhere instantly.

    A Russian tower of strength. He can turn his skin into a organic steel alloy of will.

    A deadly mix of flesh and indestructible adamantium. His claws can rip through steel.

    As beautiful as the sun. She can control any aspect of light itself.

    * You'll fight a whole army of genuine Marvel villains including Magento, Arcade, Pyro, Nimrod, The Blob and Silver Samurai.
    * All characters - good and evil - have the special powers and abilities that made them famous in comic books.
    * You'll use quick reflexes and a resourceful mind to survive Arcade's wicked designs.
    * Test your ingenuity and role-playing skills in your effort to find the pieces to a device that can stop Magento.
    * Over 500 different action and combat screens.
    * An original X-Men comic book, produced by Marvel and available only in this game, details the events leading up to the rescue mission.
    * The manual includes a history of the X-Men and a biographical sketch of each character in the game.

    Contributed by FatherJack (62727) on Feb 24, 2015.