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TrueAchievements (Sep 07, 2017)
ARK: Survival Evolved is a game of grandiose scale. The fact there is a beautiful, alive world with thousands of dinosaurs to train, ride, breed and more is remarkable, especially if you grew up in a time where games weren't more than few pixels. Amazing things are possible in the ARK — the gun-wielding soldier set high atop the most badass predator of all time comes to mind — but the experience is clouded by the best ones being locked behind excessive grinding, boring farming and the need for a large group. System commands and customizable settings can ease some of the pain, but the base concept remains a chore. A messy UI and the lack of a tutorial leave you alone in the dark, forced to spend hours researching on your own in order to figure out what's what. But there's no denying that if you're willing to put in the time, you will be rewarded with some incredible gameplay moments, especially if your friends join you on the ARK.
Girl Gamers UK (Sep 11, 2017)
Ark: Survival Evolved is not an easy game, and the early game grind will likely put off many players who are new to the survival genre. There is no hand-holding here, and surviving a dinosaur infested land was never going to be easy. But for those who put the time in, glory awaits. Whether you favor teaming up with friends, or picking fights with other players, there are options available that will make life in Ark either easier and more fun, or much more dangerous and thrilling. Ark: Survival Evolved is not everyone, and there is still a lot of work to be done to create a smooth and well rounded experience. But for those few who are looking for a brutal survival experience that will consume time much as a T-Rex would consume any inexperienced player that happened to wander in its path, Ark: Survival Evolved is worth checking out.
60 (Sep 06, 2017)
Ark est un jeu difficilement recommandable tant le public auquel il s’adresse est restreint. Le défi de Wildcard était extrêmement ambitieux, mais clairement pas à la hauteur de leurs moyens. Il semble donc qu’il a fallu faire des choix et c’est clairement pour le contenu à outrance que les développeurs ont opté. Mais cette durée de vie exceptionnelle a un prix. L’optimisation, l’ergonomie et le design sont passés à la trappe et cela fait d’Ark un titre irrégulier. Il vous offrira d’excellents moments autant qu’il vous frustrera. Soyez prévenu et surtout, n’ayez pas peur d’y passer plusieurs centaines d’heures.