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Girl Gamers UK (Apr 07, 2015)
Battlefield: Hardline features a reasonably good single player mode, which really feels nothing like a Battlefield game, and amazingly fun multiplayer which doesn’t pretend to be anything but Battlefield. As a Battlefield game, Hardline only manages mediocrity. However, taken on its own merits, Battlefield: Hardline is a fun single player and highly enjoyable multiplayer title.
MondoXbox (Mar 22, 2015)
Battlefield: Hardline diverte, questo è indubbio: lo fa nel multiplayer grazie alle nuove riuscitissime modalità, nonostante il sapore di BF4 si senta ancora forte, e lo fa in single player grazie a tante nuove idee nonostante non metta troppa convinzione nel seguire la strada del gameplay stealth. L'acquisto è quindi consigliato soprattutto a coloro che apprezzano l'esperienza online targata Battlefield (e che non si scandalizzano di fronte a location più ridotte e chiuse che in passato): non ve ne pentirete.
ZTGameDomain (Mar 19, 2015)
Battlefield: Hardline may seem like simply an expansion to the fourth entry in the game, but after diving in I enjoy it a lot more than the previous effort. The campaign is a breath of fresh air, and the multiplayer adds enough to make it stand out. I really hope they take their time with the next entry in the series and continue to build upon making the changes to the series that help it grow into a series I look forward to playing with each outing.
TrueAchievements (Mar 28, 2015)
Visceral’s first attempt at taking control of the Battlefield series can only be seen as a success, and whilst it maintains the unique feel of the series, they’ve added a fresh and new twist to every aspect. Just as Forza Horizon’s differences perfectly compliment Forza Motorsport, EA may have finally found a winning combination to compete with Call of Duty.
Trusted Reviews (Mar 24, 2015)
Battlefield: Hardline can be ridiculous, with stealth and arrest mechanics that stretch the very limits of credulity. All the same, the single-player campaign works brilliantly as the video game version of a big, dumb action thriller. Cracking set-piece firefights are mixed with stealth, escape and exploration, and there’s scope to play some sequences your way, not just follow the objective marker. Multiplayer, meanwhile, is fiercely enjoyable, and in Hotwired boasts one of Battlefield’s finest hours. Look past Hardline’s minor faults, and you’ll find the best all-round Battlefield since the great Bad Company 2.
GameSpot (Mar 16, 2015)
The simplicity of the campaign's stealth gameplay and the enemies' readiness to submit at the sound of "Freeze!" is comical, though the silliness was not likely Visceral's intention. Even in Battlefield: Hardline, multiplayer competition remains the series' heart and soul. It wasn't that long ago that the ability to eject from a fighter plane and seamlessly continue the battle on foot was one of the most awe-inspiring things you can do in an online shooter. That's why many gravitated to the Battlefield series in the first place, and Hardline isn't short of similar transitional vehicular moments. You can spawn in a chopper, do your part as a gunner to take out valued targets on that ground, and then jump out with a parachute so you can capture a marked car. This isn't Iwo Jima or an Arabian oil field--but it's still pure Battlefield.
Atomix (Mar 18, 2015)
Si tienes muchas ganas de probar un FPS nuevo con un sólido multiplayer, te recomiendo que le des una oportunidad a Hardline, esto claro, si es que no te molesta lo mucho que queda a deber en la parte visual. Pero en caso de que estuvieras esperando que este juego llegara para darle un verdadero refresco al género, lo mejor es que ni te acerques. Esperemos que las personas encargadas de todo, replanteen el futuro de la franquicia, pues después de esta entrega, ha quedado bastante nublado.
65 (Mar 24, 2015)
Auch der Multiplayer ist diesmal nicht der erhoffte Rettungsanker: Die chaotischen Gefechte in den neuen Modi Blood Money und Überfall sind zu unübersichtlich, während viele der Karten einfallslos und unspektakulär wirken. Zwar ist Hotwire mit seinen mobilen Eroberungspunkten sehr unterhaltsam und die neue Freischaltmechanik verhindert nervigen Grind mit ungeliebten Knarren, die vergleichsweise schwache Kulisse und das unpassende Szenario machen die großen Schlachten aber so unattraktiv wie selten zuvor in der Seriengeschichte. Dazu kommt, dass die Umsetzung für PS3 und 360 technisch Welten hinter PS4 und Xbox One zurückbleibt und EA mit möglichst geringem Aufwand wohl gerne ein paar Bonusverkäufe mitnehmen möchte. Insgesamt ist Battlefield Hardline ein unheimlich durchschnittlicher Shooter – und der bis dato schwächste Vollpreis-Ableger der Serie.
Giant Bomb (Mar 17, 2015)
Battlefield Hardline did not crash during our tests and appears to function precisely as expected at this time.
Shacknews (Mar 16, 2015)
Battlefield Hardline feels like a valiant attempt from Visceral and EA, but the gritty crime drama that they're aiming for comes out as an underwhelming effort. Multiplayer offers some fun moments, but it doesn't do enough with the concept to feel like a major leap in the world of first-person shooters. Meanwhile, the campaign feels bogged down under the weight of silly cliches and doesn't offer enough of a tactical, strategic cop experience. Hardline does show occasional flashes of brilliance, though, so there's definitely something worth pursuing here. With a stronger emphasis on open area stages and multiplayer modes that utilize the police arsenal, Visceral could craft something much stronger in the future. Further investigation is required.