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73 (Feb 14, 2019)
Das größte Problem für Crackdown 3 sind aber weder die Inhalte noch die reduzierte Zerstörung der Levelarchitektur, die sich selbst im ausgelagerten und momentan noch sehr spartanischen Mehrspielermodus „Abrisszone“ von dem entfernt hat, was die ersten Videos versprachen. Das Problem ist schlichtweg, dass vor allem Volition mit seinen urbanen offenen Welten von Saints Row 4 sowie Agents of Mayhem das Thema „Überzogene Action mit Superkräften“ schon komplett ausgereizt hat. Und mit diesen Titeln kann das durchweg durchschnittliche Crackdown 3 einfach nicht mithalten.
70 (Feb 18, 2019)
Det er avsides, gammaldags og uambisiøst, men det er moro.
Video Chums (Feb 19, 2019)
Crackdown 3 is far from a bad game but it also isn't necessary in this day and age. That being said, if you want to feel nostalgic for sandbox games from a decade or so ago then it's definitely worth checking out.
Way Too Many Games (Feb 18, 2019)
Crackdown 3 is a relic of the past, it revels in its simplistic design, freedom of choice, and a time when gameplay was the focus over an emotional cinematic narrative driven story. It is a Crackdown game through and through and if you’re a big fan of Crackdown then that is exactly what you’re getting. However, things change, games evolve, and certain things are advanced upon because of new ideas and technology. Crackdown 3, while advancing upon the first in some ways, completely ignores the last twelve years of gaming evolution. Everything in Crackdown 3 has been done before, and in most cases, been done better. That doesn’t mean it is not fun, if you’re looking for the Expendables of the video game world then Crackdown 3 may give you some stupid fun. Just don’t expect anything mind blowing even with the aforementioned cloud powered destruction in the multiplayer.
TrueAchievements (Feb 14, 2019)
It's fitting that just days after Microsoft announced the name change of their internal production branch from Microsoft Studios to Xbox Game Studios, Crackdown 3's launch screen displays the old moniker. After a year of exciting studio acquisitions for the company in 2018 and a stronger push for first-party moving forward, Crackdown 3 is the last remnant of the bygone era of Smartglass, live-action/video game hybrids, and forced Kinect purchases. It survived the purge where Fable Legends and Scalebound did not, but even in its best moments, Crackdown 3's campaign feels like it was born too late.
GamesRadar (Feb 14, 2019)
Crackdown 3 is bonkers chaotic fun but also a case of wasted potential. The series deserved an iterative revival but instead, we have the tried-and-tested Crackdown backbone with remastered visuals and a touch more chaos, sadly squandering the promise of its few interesting additions in the process.
Link-Cable (Feb 14, 2019)
I highly suggest knowing what you want to get out Crackdown 3 before taking the dive, because as it stands this is very much a ‘love it, or hate it’ type of game.
GameSpot (Feb 15, 2019)
Leaping high through the air across rooftops and collecting orbs--which still feature one of the all-time great sound effects--is fun and rewarding, because that pursuit has a direct correlation to further improving your jump height. Lifting large objects and chucking them at foes is likewise an entertaining alternative to typical gunfights. Just like in its predecessors, these two superpowers are the primary source of what entertainment there is to be had in Crackdown 3. But it soon becomes apparent that the game has little new to offer beyond cool destruction tech that never gets put to good use. It certainly delivers on letting you blow things up and jump around the city. However, a dozen years after the first Crackdown offered that same experience but failed to provide you with enough interesting content surrounding that, it's truly disappointing to see this latest iteration suffer from the very same problems.
Garage Band Gamers (Feb 26, 2019)
I’m not sure if too much of the budget bad been spent on recruiting everyone’s favorite fictitious POTUS Terry Crews (who was a huge part of the marketing campaign and offers his likeness and some one-liners to the main story), but the end result feels like a rehash of what was a memorable title from the Xbox 360 days with a slightly better paint job. Despite enjoying some of the chaos I caused during my solo experiences, I would not recommend purchasing Crackdown 3 at any price point and only embarking on the adventure if you subscribe to the Game Pass.