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games xtreme (Oct 17, 2014)
It ticks many of the boxes of a cool game, but unless you're a fan of a spider-web tapestry of a story that's as convoluted as they come, it might leave you scratching your head in frustration rather than screaming in terror. The weakest points for me came in the boss fights, which descended into a realm of annoyance rather than fun, yet I had to keep on playing because I was compelled to see how things developed. I know that many of you love numbers, stats, little scores you can use to compare a thing to a thing, but the game as a whole is far more than just those comfortable old-school friendly statistics that used to denote quality. Evil Within is an experience, for many it might be good, especially fans of the developer, for some it might be terrible. For me, it was a solid game that disturbed me to no end and since that's what I was looking for out of it - that's what I got. Perhaps it might rely a bit too much on older horror tropes, but I rather like those, so... job done!
TrueAchievements (Oct 25, 2014)
The Evil Within is a true return to survival horror roots that doesn’t fail to throw out some decent scares, even if not all of them hit the mark. Shinji Mikami and the team at Tango Gameworks have managed to rekindle the genre and bring back what a survival horror should be, though some wooden voice acting, missing plot points and a lack of opportunities for stealthy play do hold it back. If you are a fan of old-school horror games, this is a title that shouldn’t be missed.
80 (Oct 16, 2014)
The Evil Within est une aventure prenante, portée par son ambiance malsaine, maîtrisée et remplie de références aux ténors du genre. Chaque séquence, chaque zone que vous visiterez n'est créée que dans un seul but, habiter le joueur d'un sentiment de malaise permanent et lui faire comprendre que la moindre erreur peut être fatale. Mais le titre n'est hélas pas exempt de défauts, en témoigne ses dialogues peu inspirés, ses soucis techniques parfois gênants et son scénario certes intéressant mais au final moins bluffant que ce que l'on pourrait penser. Avec un zeste de finition supplémentaire et un final mieux chapeauté, il aurait pu prétendre au titre de chef-d’œuvre. The Evil Within reste toutefois un excellent survival-horror que l'on ne peut que conseiller aux amateurs des belles années de Resident Evil, Silent Hill et autres Forbidden Siren. Pensez tout de même à prendre vos cachets pour le cœur et quelques trousses de soins pour le voyage... Vous en aurez besoin.
76 (Oct 22, 2014)
Atmosphärisch zieht der Vater von Resident Evil mit düsteren Kulissen, abwechslungsreichen Schauplätzen und dem gekonnten Einsatz von Licht, Schatten und feinem Nebel wieder alle Register, würzt das alles zusätzlich mit bizarren Kreaturen und einem mitunter abgedrehten Artdesign sowie einer verstörenden Inszenierung, welche das Thema „Wahnsinn“ gut einfängt. Doch hinsichtlich der Spielmechanik verlässt sich Mikami zu sehr auf Bewährtes anstatt sich an kreative Ideen zu wagen oder mittlerweile überholte Designentscheidungen von damals zu modernisieren. (...) Unterm Strich bietet Evil Within immer noch guten Survival-Horror, der aber weder mit der gnadenlosen Psycho-Folter eines Silent Hill noch mit fiesen Schockeffekten à la Outlast oder dem intensiven Gefühl einer allgegenwärtigen Bedrohung von Amnesia oder Alien: Isolation mithalten kann.
GamesCollection (Oct 31, 2014)
Se siete amanti del genere survival horror The Evil Within è il vostro gioco, sarà in grado di azzerare la vostra salivazione e per i più paurosi di tenervi svegli la notte. Nel complesso non è un gioco Malvagio ( Nome a parte ) forse avendo lavorato più sulla trama ed eliminando una parte eccessiva della realizzazione tecnica crossgen e quegli assurdi trial-and-error il gioco sarebbe potuto davvero essere di prima fascia. Ma tutto sommato merita di essere giocato quindi Player pazienti e coraggiosi di tutto il mondo fatevi sotto.
Games Finder (Oct 17, 2014)
If you’re after a game of stealth and scares The Evil Within offers plenty of both and is guaranteed to keep you on the edge with its gruesome gameplay.
XboxAchievements (Oct 15, 2014)
A throwback to survival horror's heyday, The Evil Within's story is daft and convoluted, featuring a mad scientist who might as well be Krieger from Archer. Frustrating and entertaining in equal measure, The Evil Within falls short of offering any proper scares.