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AusGamers (Nov 10, 2015)
I always love reviewing these games because it’s spoiler-free territory because the game-world is what you make of it. The coming days, weeks and months will be filled with conversations between family, friends and strangers on just how they tackled a particular mission, or simply how they’ve shaped their version of Sanctuary over how you did it. Fallout 4 is a game that will spark conversation and a huge amount of love, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t follow in the footsteps of Skyrim as something of a cultural phenomenon. The game’s only real issue is in the dated visuals, but the engine serves a purpose beyond eye-candy, and hey, we’re mostly walking through irradiated trash anyway, right.
TrueAchievements (Nov 09, 2015)
The best thing about Fallout 4 is the freedom that it gives you, not only with what to do and where to go, but also how quests will turn out. Will you talk your way out of a certain quest or run in all guns blazing? The choice is yours. Obviously the game is not without its problems; starting and ending conversations can sometimes be a little awkward, NPCs have a habit of getting stuck or being in the wrong place, and there were more than a couple of problems in figuring out what the settlements needed. Overall though, the game is pretty close to perfect, and if you decide to pass on exploring the vast wasteland, then you only have yourself to blame. The hype is real, and you won't be disappointed.
GameSpot (Nov 09, 2015)
When you put the controller down, you think about the friend you betrayed to benefit another, the shifting tide of an incredible battle, or the moment you opened a drawer and found someone's discarded effects, making you wonder how they felt before the bombs fell. In moments like these, Fallout 4 can be an intoxicating experience. You're often forced to sacrifice something--a relationship, a lucrative opportunity, or your health--to make gains elsewhere. And the deeper down the rabbit hole you go, the more you wonder: what if I chose a different path? You second guess yourself, not just because you had other options, but because you aren't sure if you did the right thing. The fact that your decisions stick with you after walking away from the game is a testament to the great storytelling on hand. Fallout 4 is an argument for substance over style, and an excellent addition to the revered open-world series.
Game Informer Magazine (Nov 09, 2015)
Bethesda Game Studios' return to the wasteland delivers improved combat and densely packed exploration.
90 (Nov 10, 2015)
Fallout 4 lässt mich versinken und versacken, bis mich die Müdigkeit ins Bett zwingt. Die Sogwirkung dieser Endzeit ist fast schon unheimlich. Und das, obwohl es klare Defizite gibt: Von der schwachen KI über ärgerliche Bugs bis hin zur steifen Mimik sowie Steuerungstücken. Aber dieses Rollenspiel zieht mich gnadenlos in seine apokalyptische Welt, weil ich ständig neue Quests, interessante Charaktere und Orte kennenlerne. Bethesda inszeniert eine nahezu idyllisch anmutende Monumentalität der Zerstörung, baut dabei viel Geschichte und Folklore aus Neuengland ein und versteckt hinter jedem Block in Boston quasi einen Dungeon, so dass man über Wochen zu tun hat.
XboxAchievements (Nov 09, 2015)
Fallout 4 might not be as technically advanced as, say The Witcher 3, but it’s a game full of charm and substance, which makes up for an ageing Creation Engine. Fallout 4 boasts an incredible world full of intrigue, mystery and suspense, backed by a whole host of weird and wonderful characters. It’s a world you’re going to want to go back to, time and time again.
Game Rant (Nov 09, 2015)
Fallout 4 delivers on its promise to keep players busy in the wasteland for as long as they want to spend there. The insane amount, and variety, of content available in this game is going to make it an experience that players don’t want to walk away from for at least the next year. The graphics may hold it back from being the game that defines this console generation, but the unforgettable narrative and open-world experience are more than enough to make up for the slightly dated aesthetic.
Girl Gamers UK (Nov 30, 2015)
Despite the bugs, which are mostly worthy of a chuckle, and the visuals which you don’t even notice after a while, Fallout 4 is an incredible game. The game doesn’t make massive strides over the previous titles, with an overwhelming familiarity despite the new features. But the proof is in the playing, and once you start exploring the wasteland, it is very difficult to stop. There is always something new to discover in Fallout 4, making it one of the most packed open-world games I have ever played. While it may not quite manage game of the year, it is certainly a contender, and an essential purchase for any Fallout fan.
JeuxActu (Nov 09, 2015)
Sans surprise(s), Fallout 4 s'avère être bien plus proche de Fallout 3 que des deux premiers épisodes de la série. On pourrait même lui reprocher de n'être pas assez innovant par rapport au troisième volet, dont on retrouve toutes les qualités et tous les défauts ici. Les vieux de la vieille trouveront donc matière à ronchonner, tandis que les adeptes de la formule Bethesda seront aux anges. Dans les deux cas, tous devraient pester contre la présence de bugs en grand nombre et apprécier les rares innovations, comme le système de crafting ou l'armure assistée munie d'un jetpack. Malgré ces écueils qu'il faut tout de même souligner, Fallout 4 fait partie de ces jeux qui ont cette force en eux capables de nous hypnotiser dans leur monde, grâce notamment à son ambiance unique, cette sensation de liberté totale, sa qualité d'écriture et sa durée de vie phénoménale. Bref, un jeu à ne rater sous aucun prétexte si vous accrochez à l'univers et aux RPG occidentaux.
Worth Playing (Nov 18, 2015)
In the end, Fallout 4 is essentially Fallout 3 with a few more features and tweaks. That isn't a dig at the game, but that's what most fans of the series will think. The experience is top-notch, as few developers try to pull off something this large and immersive, and fewer still ever do it right. Even with the bugs, Fallout 4 is a highly addictive and fun experience that gamers of all types will enjoy.
80 (Nov 09, 2015)
Raisonnable, accessible. Voilà des termes qui caractérisent Fallout 4 et qui sont autant d'adjectifs que les fans de la licence culte à bien des égards n'accepteront pas facilement. Oubliez le Fallout corrosif, acide, à la liberté roleplay énorme vous permettant autant de jouer une ordure qu'un saint. Dans sa volonté d'ouvrir à tous la prestigieuse saga, Bethesda a édulcoré son propos, rendant Fallout plus proche d'un Skyrim que d'une franchise purement post-apo, avec ce qu'elle contient de cynisme et d'humour noir. Toutefois, il serait criminel de sanctionner un jeu d'une telle richesse, qui propose au bas mot plus de 100 heures de jeu et qui s'autorise des combats dynamiques, un système de craft complet et amusant, le tout auréolé d'une direction artistique de haute volée. Un très bon RPG, un univers formidable, un Fallout en demi-teinte.
Giant Bomb (Nov 10, 2015)
The occasionally extreme performance issues found in the console versions of Fallout 4 make those versions more difficult to recommend than their PC counterpart.
games xtreme (Nov 17, 2015)
Fallout 4 is the best Fallout game to-date and it's packed with things to see, to do and contains the most amazing settlement/crafting system ever designed for a game.