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SomosXbox (Nov 19, 2018)
En definitiva, si os gusta el universo Fallout y sabéis como se las gastan nuestros amigos de Bethesda Softworks, no dejéis pasar la oportunidad, ya que podréis disfrutar de una auténtica experiencia postapocalíptica en solitario o en compañía, ya que con online o sin él, la guerra… la guerra no cambia nunca.
Generación Xbox (Nov 19, 2018)
La ceja levantada de muchos al recibir el título ha hecho que queden en evidencia algunos defectos que se habían convertido en característicos de la saga, sin que realmente sea admisible que esto sea así. Bethesda puede y debe hacerlo mejor en lo técnico, y esto ya era así en Fallout 4. ¿Estamos entonces ante el peor Fallout? Bueno, yo no los he jugado todos, pero mi conclusión es que puede que lo sea, y que sin embargo muchos juegos desearían tener los valores del peor de los Fallout.
Just Push Start (Nov 17, 2018)
Fallout 76 is effectively a multiplayer version of Fallout 4 with a new, and interesting, setting but no conversations. At launch there is no choice but to use the official servers, and there is no date on when an option to run private servers will be implemented. Thankfully, other than a few hiccups on launch day, the official servers seem to be holding up well, and most interactions with other players were friendly enough so you probably needn’t worry about constantly being hassled by others.
TheXboxHub (Nov 25, 2018)
Fallout 76 is a deep, huge game with a lot to do and many missions to complete. It’s not in any way perfect but there is certainly fun to be had. PvP is a weird thing to get used to in a Fallout experience, but largely works well, and there have been some fun times teaming up with others to kill hordes of Super Mutants – but it only takes one idiot to spoil the fun. With glitches galore to look at and deal with, a lack of variety in the missions and having to pay for fast travel, it’s Fallout Jim, but not as we know it. However, if you can persevere with it, will find a lot of fun in a game that has huge potential – and that’s what I’m looking for. Bethesda have already patched game breaking bugs and are usually good at fixing issues, so I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they will make it good in the end; much like they have with all the other games.
Vandal Online (Nov 21, 2018)
Fallout tropieza en su salto a la experiencia multijugador con un juego que se queda en tierra de nadie. A pesar de esto, su fórmula sigue siendo bastante adictiva y absorbente, y puede entretener cualquier fan de la saga.
GamingTrend (Nov 24, 2018)
Fallout 76 is sure to be a divisive game. I’m confident that most people won’t be able to forgive its many flaws, especially those going into it expecting a solo experience similar to Fallout 4, but I also think that those looking for a multiplayer Fallout experience will get a kick out of Fallout 76, particularly once Bethesda patches some of the game’s most glaring bugs. As much as I’d like to be able to tell you that this title is terrible or amazing, the truth is that it’s just okay.
XboxAchievements (Nov 16, 2018)
While Fallout 76 is effectively a buggy mess, marred by frame-rate issues, quest bugs and general calamity when it comes to the engine, there’s still a decent amount of fun to be had here. Whatever you do, though, don’t come in expecting Fallout 5 otherwise you will be supremely disappointed. Fallout 76 is effectively about base-construction, survival and world-building, not the story and your part in it, which isn’t a bad thing. The execution is though.
AusGamers (Nov 28, 2018)
And it’s that last word that needs to be amplified just a little bit, enjoyment. Fallout 76 is fun to play; the simple loop of scavenging and exploration and crafting and progression works well when you’re in a group. Alone, it gets pretty old pretty fast - especially when dealing with bugs and glitches and performance woes. Ultimately it’s disappointing that the size and scope of the multiplayer doesn’t match the impressive West Virginia you get to explore.
Darkstation (Nov 19, 2018)
Fallout 76 is a confusing experience, a discord of half-baked ideas and false premises but also some genuinely smart gameplay mechanics that allow solo players and groups alike adventure in equal terms. I want to desperately love it more but as it stands now, the game makes it pretty tough. Still, I will have my Frankie keep on going, no matter how stubborn that might be in the long run.
Game Informer Magazine (Nov 21, 2018)
Before we can even think of what might come next, Bethesda needs to make the core game more stable and fair. While I found it to be mostly enjoyable from an exploration standpoint, the frequency of server crashes, freezes, and technical issues is unacceptable. The foundation for another fun Fallout experience is in place, but you end up watching it crumble before your eyes as you play. The game just wasn’t ready for showtime.
Power Unlimited (Nov 20, 2018)
Het uitgebreide en gevarieerde Appalachia kan in Fallout 76 niet compenseren voor de tergende bugs en de lijst aan gebreken. Inspiratieloze MMORPG-quests, hersenloos grindwerk en verwaarloosbare co-op-functies laten de game aanvoelen als een enorm uitgebreide Fallout 4-DLC. Maar dan zonder de facties en meeslepende sidequests, en met een lading frustratie erbovenop.
XBox Tavern (Nov 17, 2018)
Fallout 76 is akin to Ark: Survival Evolved, being that much of its potential is lost in the midst of its many technical faults. To be clear, at its core, this isn’t a bad game, in fact, there’s a lot of fun to be had in its padded world if you enjoy this type of gameplay loop. It’s a shame that in its current form, most of that fun is frequently interrupted by horrendous framerate, countless bugs, delayed rendering, and shoddy design choices.
GearNuke (Nov 22, 2018)
If I had to describe Fallout 76, I will say it is a flawed idea that never works well. It is simply broken and feels boring but offers a redeeming factor with the open world exploration in some well-crafted environments. The buggy nature of the game is its biggest hurdle and some quality of life changes will go a long way in molding it into something enjoyable in the future.
IGN España (Nov 14, 2018)
Ni en su concepto ni en su ejecución nos ha acabado de convencer el primer Fallout Online, que quizás debería haberse mirado un poco más en el espejo de TES: Online para su debut. ¿Remontará? Solo el tiempo lo dirá.
GameMAG (Nov 22, 2018)
Fallout 76 требует серьезной доработки. Странные решения игровых дизайнеров мешают комфортно исследовать интересный мир. Взаимодействие с другими игроками минимально и абсолютно неоправданно для онлайн проекта. Иногда создается ощущение, что никакого онлайна здесь вовсе нет. Новые механики выглядят не так впечатляюще, как нам обещали на ранних презентациях, а отсутствие оптимизации на консолях, тонна багов и ужасная экономика окончательно портят впечатления. Обидно, что за толстым слоем проблем немногие решатся оценить интересный мир и работу сценаристов, уместно вписавших достаточное количество интересных квестов в лор вселенной.
Gadgets360 (Nov 16, 2018)
Hopefully, Bethesda reboots Fallout 76 like it did with The Elder Scrolls Online. Right now though, the game is hard to recommend to anyone but the most faithful of Fallout fans.
Forbes Magazine (Nov 20, 2018)
While admittedly I was skeptical about the concept of Fallout 76 going in, this is still worse than I anticipated. But not even for the reasons I thought! This experience isn’t ruined by other players trolling or harassing me or breaking immersion, it’s ruined by the mere concept of being on a live server itself, and the fact that this was rushed out before any engaging story elements were able to be crafted to populate this map. This is a huge, rare, total miss by Bethesda, and even if it’s improved in time, I can only judge it by the hours I’ve lost to it so far.
MondoXbox (Nov 26, 2018)
Il lavoro fatto da Bethesda con Fallout 76 porta ad un'alternanza fra delusione, per quello che se fatto a modo sarebbe stato un Fallout con buone idee e un mondo molto molto (molto!) interessante, e rabbia perché tutto ciò non è avvenuto. Forse (e ce lo aspettiamo) nei prossimi mesi i problemi più grossi saranno risolti, forse si aggiungeranno i PNG, un sistema di PVP più sensato, un insediamento che non scompare e forse ne parleremo ancora alla luce dei suoi miglioramenti. Ma ora, ad oggi, quello che funziona in Fallout 76 è quello che ha ereditato da Fallout 4, che costituisce la metà del gioco. E se funziona la metà, vale la metà.
IGN (Nov 22, 2018)
In an effort to do everything, Fallout 76 fails to do any of it well enough to form an identity. Its multiplayer mindset robs its quests of all the moral decisionmaking that makes the series great, and all that’s left is a buggy mess of systemic designs that never seems to work together and regularly contradicts itself. It all culminates in an aggravating endgame that’s more busywork than satisfying heroics. Bethesda missed the mark with Fallout 76, in part because it seems like it could never decide what it was aiming for.
GameGrin (Nov 23, 2018)
An interesting experiment that fails to nail either side of the experience, it uses Fallout trappings to good effect and can be fun with great environmental storytelling and West Virginia itself is gorgeous. The lack of NPCs and overall cohesion along with lacklustre PvP hinder its identity, however.
Meristation (Nov 26, 2018)
Pero eso no puede servir de excusa para justificar ni el estado en el que se encuentra Fallout 76 ni las decisiones que se han tomado para llegar hasta aquí. Bethesda elimina todo lo que mejor se hizo con las anteriores entregas de la saga pero no compensa al usuario con nada nuevo y relevante que sea mejor que lo que quita, dejando un título prometedor en un cascarón vacío y sin alma que espera que el jugador aporte por sí mismo todo lo que le falta de base sin darle las herramientas necesarias para hacerlo. Fallout 76 es hoy un conjunto de piezas mal unidas que, en un intento de querer gustar a todo el mundo, ha conseguido no gustar a casi nadie y por mucho que queramos agradecer el esfuerzo por intentar crear algo nuevo, el precio que hemos tenido que pagar es demasiado alto. Hay algunos buenos momentos en el juego pero son tan pocos, están tan separados entre sí y hay que sortear tantos obstáculos para disfrutarlos que no podemos recomendarlo. Una lástima.
45 (Nov 22, 2018)
Fallout 76 aurait pu être séduisant. Avec sa carte d'une richesse impressionnante invitant en permanence à une exploration qui sait être récompensée, et ses quelques quêtes parfois surprenantes et captivantes, on se pose la question de savoir : qu'aurait valu le titre de Bethesda sans ses erreurs évidentes de game design et son manque de finition ? Difficile à dire tant le titre peine vraiment à trouver son style. Pas vraiment solo, pas vraiment multi, pas vraiment survie, pas vraiment RPG... ce nouveau Fallout n'excelle dans aucun des domaines qu'il tente d'aborder. Sorte de gros mod multijoueur de Fallout 4, dont il partage les traits et les erreurs d'interface qui n'ont pas changé depuis 2015, Fallout 76 est un recueil de mécaniques incertaines et de règles peu claires, servies dans un écrin daté et techniquement instable.
GameZone (Nov 25, 2018)
Fallout 76 is Fallout on the surface in the sense it has the same art style, the lore, the gross critters lurking all over the place but it severely lacks what everyone loves about the post-apocalyptic RPG series. A world to spend dozens, even hundreds of hours getting lost in, moral dilemmas, interactions with characters, dialogue choices. Fallout 76 feels like buggy, mindless killing and looting none of which is even remotely fun to do, creating a serious identity crisis for one of gaming's most beloved franchises.
GamingBolt (Nov 20, 2018)
While you can occasionally make your own fun in Fallout 76, this is still a game that is deeply flawed on multiple levels. While a lot of these issues can be ironed out by Bethesda in the coming months and years, there are some that are part of the game's DNA, and worryingly enough, define the entirety of the experience.
TechRaptor (Nov 24, 2018)
Fallout 76 is a total mess. It's filled with bugs, terrible AI and ugly graphics. Worst of all, it feels like there's a good game deep down in there, but it's limited by technical faults. Still, there's some fun to be had if you like the Fallout setting or progression.
Stevivor (Nov 21, 2018)
Bethesda has chosen to release a half-finished, buggy mess of a title in its current state. This isn’t early access, nor is it a beta — this is apparently a finished product that I have to assess. I have: it’s garbage. This poor release provides Bethesda the opportunity to take notice of two key takeaways: the Creation Engine needs to go, and single-player developers shouldn’t bite off more than they can chew when making a multiplayer game. And this comes from a guy who looked past Fallout 4‘s last-gen engine and subsequent failings to give it a 10/10. Free pass no more, Bethesda.
40 (Nov 22, 2018)
Si tratta di un gioco uscito con un gap tecnologico difficilmente colmabile e con diverse idee di fondo poco sviluppate e divertenti. Se The Elder Scrolls Online è riuscito a ritagliarsi una sua nicchia di mercato restando fedele alle proprie radici, mettendo semplicemente in contatto tra loro migliaia di giocatori, Fallout 76 non sembra avere idea né da dove arriva, né dove voglia andare. E questo è un problema più grave delle mancanze tecniche.
Financial Post (Nov 22, 2018)
I can’t recommend Fallout 76 to more than a handful of people. A niche few will still be drawn to it, perhaps out of curiosity, a completionist’s need to devour all things Fallout, or, like me, a morbid desire to simulate life after the end of the world. For everyone else, hold onto the hope that Bethesda learns a lesson from this failed experiment.
GameSpot (Nov 25, 2018)
Fallout 76 attempts to execute on some significantly new ideas for the series, but with few exceptions, they notably limit the major facets of the game. The novelty of multiplayer can be mildly entertaining, but it's not an ideal way to enjoy mainline progression, and the shooting mechanics aren't strong enough to make the focus on combat-heavy activities genuinely enjoyable. Things feel better as a solo player, and the Appalachian landscape certainly has interesting things to see. But the absence of in-universe characters and your inability to make a meaningful impact on the world means becoming invested in the whole journey is incredibly difficult.
39 (Nov 16, 2018)
Selbst wenn alles einigermaßen funktionieren würde, wäre gegenwärtig maximal eine befriedigende Wertung drin. Doch mit schwer wiegenden Bugs und den Shooter zerstörenden Lags ist dieses Fallout 76 vor allem eines: absolut unfertig.
There are a million other things I haven’t mentioned here like the clunky user experience, hideous looking building interiors, broken feeling VATS implementation, the random nature of perks, or lack of motivation to engage in PvP. But, I’m guessing you get it. Fallout 76 is a confused product that blows it on so many levels. 76 represents a critical misunderstanding about what makes the Fallout franchise special, and sacrifices all those pieces to shoehorn in a half baked and barely functional online system. While I applaud taking a chance on a crazy idea, Fallout 76 would undoubtedly have been a better and more engaging experience as a traditional open world RPG. As it stands, this is a broken, unfun, and repetitive title that I can’t recommend. And that hurts me to say.
Garage Band Gamers (Dec 09, 2018)
Almost a full month after release, after multiple post launch patches, Fallout 76 has become less and less enjoyable the more I play it. I’ve updated my review a number of times prior to being published since I first entered Appalachia, with each draft essentially cracking and peeling, leaving a husk of what used to be one of my favorite series prior to this release. Originally the game was a 7, buthas dropped considerably. While I know some close friends who have enjoyed their time with this iteration, the experience seems to vary player to player, mainly due to the luck of the draw on what version of Fallout 76 you’re going to get when you log in each time. What used to be exciting and fun has devolved into a buggy mess that is more frustrating than it is enjoyable. I believe at some point Bethesda will get the game onto a (somewhat) acceptable track, but it’s nowhere near it currently and should be avoided at all costs.
30 (Nov 21, 2018)
A disastrous failure whose technical shortcomings may one day be fixed but whose design failings, and obliviousness to its own potential, suggests a game that is irrevocably broken.
GameSpew (Nov 22, 2018)
There are no redeeming features to be found in Fallout 76, and I’m not even sure if it can be saved. Technical issues just make what’s a boring and soulless experience at its core into something that’s simply more of an abomination. And even if you made Fallout 76 into an offline single-player experience I doubt it would set anyone’s world alight. Uninteresting mission design, borderline broken gameplay features, ugly graphics, and a whole smorgasbord of technical issues combine to make Fallout 76 one of the worst gameplay experiences I’ve had this generation, and I’ve played Super Street: The Game and Yasai Ninja. I really hope Fallout 76 is turned around, I really do. I have a lot of respect for Bethesda for publishing quality single player releases such as The Evil Within 2, but Fallout 76 is just dire. It shouldn’t have seen the light of day, and you shouldn’t buy it.
Variety (Nov 22, 2018)
Stripped of the series’ trademark color and hi-jinx, “Fallout 76” turns into a heartless trek through a barren wasteland filled with mindless enemies and arduous, inconsequential quest lines. Although there are some curious set-pieces, the lack of interaction with the world means even the most detailed of its environments fall flat. You shoot mutants, collect scrap, build things and repeat, all under the guidance of cosmically vast reams of recordings left by dead people. Despite its colossal size, “Fallout 76” stretches out into a whole lot of nothing.