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Far Cry 4 Reviews (Xbox One)

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games xtreme (Nov 25, 2014)
There's so much to do, so much to see, so much that can happen every second in Far Cry 4 that the game is extremely fun and very replayable. It comes alive in a co-op session and whilst you need not play co-op at all to enjoy it, it becomes SO much more when you do invite a friend along for the ride. Far Cry 4 might just be my favourite shooter this year and certainly my favourite action game of 2014. Bigger is truly better in this case and Far Cry 4 does it all in style. The voice work is superb, the music is stirring and the graphics are breathtaking when you look at the sheer vistas before you, this includes the various animations and little touches.
TrueAchievements (Nov 26, 2014)
Far Cry 4 is, very basically put, more Far Cry on a larger scale and with the odd gameplay improvement, but it’s hard to count that as anything other than a positive when you consider the quality of its predecessor. Couple that with the the variety and sheer amount of gameplay available and there's not way Far Cry 4 can be considered anything other than a success. Whilst the multiplayer falls short, the co-op and in particular the single player experience is once again brilliantly put together and something gamers shouldn't miss out on.
Games Finder (Nov 25, 2014)
At the end of the day Far Cry 4 is essentially Far Cry 3 in a new setting with some small quality of life changes. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing since Far Cry 3 was so enjoyable just don’t expect a host of new mechanics.
IGN (Nov 14, 2014)
Diversity is one of Far Cry 4’s strongest assets, and it overwhelms the mostly disappointing story with countless opportunities for free-form adventure and fun. Visual variety, tons of distinct side-quests, and a dense world with plenty of options always gave me something I wanted to do, and its satisfying economy had me obsessing over completing every side-quest. It’s a little safe, overall -- its competitive multiplayer stands out as a gamble that paid off -- in that it has many familiar elements from Far Cry 3 transplanted to an amazing new place, but those elements are incredibly empowering and rewarding.
Giant Bomb (Nov 18, 2014)
Far Cry 4's open-world provides ludicrous moments and enough chaotic fun to make it worth your while.
The Escapist (Nov 24, 2014)
Mechanically, Far Cry 4 is an excellent shooter. It adds further polish to the open-world and action of its predecessor with even more involved and dynamic gameplay, and is loaded with rewarding side content on top of featuring a huge game world you'll spend hours exploring. The narrative isn't quite as solid, and falls through in several places with some aggravating characters and a lack of context to drive your actions.
ZTGameDomain (Nov 26, 2014)
Far Cry 4 is a great game that just feels like a lot more of the same. Granted as I said earlier, it has been just long enough since the last one to drag me right back into the mix. I hope they take note though and really go outside the box for the next game. Again feel free to use my idea and make it an island full of dinosaurs, then I will completely forgive the rest of the mechanics feeling like more of the same.
70 (Nov 25, 2014)
Es stört mich nicht, dass Ubisoft einen Jahrmarkt mit kunterbunten Attraktionen eröffnet. Die Fahrgeschäfte, sprich mehr als zwei Dutzend Aufgaben abseits des roten Fadens, sind diesmal immerhin sinnvoll in den überzeichneten Comic eingebettet. Wären da nur nicht die unsäglichen Nebenfiguren mit dem Charisma eines schlecht erzählten Blondinenwitzes! Gäbe es nur nicht den aufdringlichen Begleiter, der mich seit dem Betreten des Rummelplatzes drängt: "Schau mal da!", "Gib dir das!", "Das musst du unbedingt mitnehmen!". Ich finde keine Ruhe, in die prachtvollen Postkartenmotive abzutauchen. Zu allem Überfluss zwingt mir der Begleiter eine Karte mit sämtlichen Geheimnissen auf – Kisten mit einer Belohnung in Textform. Ich entdecke Kyrat nicht als exotischen Schauplatz, sondern wie das Datenblatt einer Excel-Tabelle. So vergräbt Ubisoft seinen hervorragenden Shooter in einem nur befriedigenden Erlebnis.