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Far Cry 5 Screenshots (Xbox One)

User Screenshots

Xbox One version

Main Menu
In one of Jacob's bunkers
Zip's Newsletter
Loading screen for Faith's region.
Loading screen for Jacob's region.
Cut scene while under the influence of "bliss'.
The main menu
Loading screen
Walking in a forest
The world map
One of the many vehicles in the game, the Widowmaker
Talking with a shop owner
Hunting vultures
Petting Cheeseburger, my pet bear
Being influenced by the Bliss plants
Flying a helicopter
Shooting a plane with a stationary machine gun
Being bitten in my leg by a Judge (a brainwashed wolf in service of the enemy)
Looting an enemy
Using a grappling hook
Using the wingsuit
The perk screen
Character customization
Checking my challenges
Multiplayer can be played through Far Cry Arcade
Players can also play maps created by other players (and the Ubisoft team)