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Digital Chumps (Dec 04, 2013)
As for presentation, Fighter Within looks and sounds alright, not outstanding, but not bad either. The cast of characters looks diverse, and their voiceovers aren't bad at all. There isn't much of a soundtrack, but I would have liked to have seen the ability to disable the Narrator's voice. For every single combo, counter, and special attack, you hear the same spoken dialogue -- it just gets kind of old.
GamesRadar (Dec 05, 2013)
The imprecise combat of Fighter Within does an awful job of showcasing the new and improved Kinect 2.0 tech. This is easily one of the weakest Xbox One launch window titles yet.
It’s ridiculous that the Kinect has been out for three years and still doesn’t have a decent fighting game. This is a device that was thought to finally make the lifelong dream of a virtual reality fighting game come true, yet it’s 2013 and motion gaming fighting doesn’t seem that evolved from the Activator. We’ve long known the concept is awesome. I remember visiting the Tempe GameWorks in the ‘90s and trying out this giant virtual reality ring hooked up to Tekken 2. Yet walking away from this type of fighting game in 1998 and 2013 virtually has the same reaction of “well, that was terrible.” With both the improved Kinect and benefits of a next-gen gaming, it was hoped that Ubisoft would finally nail the concept with Fighter Within. Unfortunately, the only thing they nailed was a nomination for “worst Kinect game of the year.”
26 (Nov 28, 2013)
Fighter Within ist in jeder Hinsicht ein Reinfall. Das fängt bei den ausufernden Ladezeiten, der mittelprächtigen Kulisse und den winzigen Arenen an. Es geht über das lächerliche Lautsagen aller halbwegs starken Angriffe ("Five Hook Combo!!!", "Revenge Triple Kick!!!") und es hört bei dem durchgehend schlechten Spiel auf. Es funktioniert weder als kurzweiliger Street-Fighter-Verschnitt noch als Beispiel für das Einbinden realer Bewegungen. So leidet das herkömmliche Seitwärtskloppen unter einem Mangel brauchbarer Schlagvarianten und es ist selbst auf der höchsten Stufe viel zu einfach. Die Bewegungserkennung ist hingegen aufgrund ständiger Fehler sowie der starken Verzögerung eine technische Zumutung und die Aktionen des Spielers werden ohnehin nicht direkt ins Spiel übertragen. Zu allem Überfluss bestimmen automatische Angriffsketten einen Großteil des Ablaufs.
GameSpot (Dec 02, 2013)
Yes, the motion tracking isn't as bad as in Fighters Uncaged, and yes, at least there's two-player combat this time. But that's pretty much like applying lipstick to an ugly pig. This is a totally flawed game that offers little more than a slow, barely competent combat system and a laughable storyline. And hey, if you're that desperate to experience Fighter Within, get a friend to repeatedly kick you in the shins. It's free, a nearly spot-on representation of the game, and far less painful.
10 (UK) (Nov 29, 2013)
The biggest problem with Fighter Within, the thing that's actively depressing, is the fact we've been here before. This game is not the product of a failed but bold experiment. It's the sequel to Fighters Uncaged, which launched with the original Kinect back in 2010. That game was terrible, infuriating and almost unplayable. This game is terrible, infuriating and almost unplayable, but with slightly better graphics.