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Forza Horizon 3 Screenshots (Xbox One)

User Screenshots

Xbox One version

Title screen
Main menu
I'm just driving around in my 458 Italia.
I'm trying to perform as many actions as possible during this skill song.
Let's buy a new Ferrari!
This is the Koenigsegg One:1, probably the most extreme ride in FM3.
On my way to the next street race in Surfers Paradise.
Forzathon offers some time limited events where you can win a car, credits or XP.
I just joined an online adventure.
I'm delivering a flag to the drop zone.
Looks like we're going to win this team race.
Keep your eyes open for these bonus boards!
Taking a look at the map.
You must earn fans to expand the festival sites and unlock new activities.
It does not always have to be a Ferrari or McLaren, you could try the Isetta for a change.
The perk chart
Twelve players on the way to the next online event.
You can take photos of a car and earn some extra credits.
Driving a 1959 Jaguar Mark 2 in this vintage car race.
Drivers will get a wheelspin after each level-up where they can win a car or credits.
Off-road fun with the Ford Raptor
You can't buy the Lamborghini LM002. There's an other way to obtain this rare car...
Great! Just when I went out on the road with my Sunbeam Tiger it started to rain.
The XP rewards depend on your driving skills.
Leading a multiplayer race.
Players voting for the next online championship.
Beat the driver who owns this Regal GNX to win the car.
Check back every day to collect your drivatar rewards.
Ooops, wrong bridge...
Behind the steering wheel of a McLaren F1
Exploring the Pagani Huayra in Forzavista mode.
Let's see what car is hidden inside that barn.
You don't have unlimited time to complete a Bucket List Challenge.
Vintage cars racing through Surfers Paradise
Playing an "Infected" multiplayer game.
Anna, set route to the nearest championship race.
Porsche has arrived at Horizon. Drivers could win this RS 4.0 and other Porsche models during the #Forzathon event.
Another championship completed!
Racing with buggies through the Outback.
Lamborghini Centennario interior
Two of Ferrari's finest modern cars: Enzo and LaFerrari.
The Audi Sport Quattro is a real rally monster.
Buying new rims and tires for my Mercedes.
You can also drive the Terradyne Gurkha, an 8.6 ton armored vehicle.
Driving behind another player's drivatar to challenge him to a head-to-head race.
Selling some of my duplicate cars at the auction house.
This 1969 Lola #6 Penske Sunoco T70 MkIIIB is a very rare race car, one of my favourites in the game.
Driving my Ariel Atom through Surfers Paradise.
Yes, I'm still playing Forza Horizon 3...
Special promotion sale! Now is the time to buy the most expensive cars in the game.