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Monster Hunter: World Screenshots (Xbox One)

User Screenshots

Xbox One version

The splash screen
Loading screen
The starting village featuring most of the facilities
Using the quest board to see which quests are available
It's always good to use the Monster Field Guide to see enemy weaknesses
Another great way to prepare is to eat a meal. Meals give bonusses you know
The great lifts taking you to the other higher layers of the base
Speaking with the Commander
Using the World Map to travel to locations
Arriving at the Ancient Forest
Seems a Great Jagras is hunting herbivores
Investigating his footprints
Fighting the Great Jagras
The Great Jagras has been slain, let's loot him
Catching some fish
Some of the herbivores living in the area, Aptonoths
Fighting some Kestodon
Collecting items during quests is really important for crafting, including this Godbug
The screen after a quest has been completed or failed, showing which items you recovered
One of the other regions, a more desert-like environment
But with some swampy areas
A Kulu-Ya-Ku
Beautiful scenery
The Coral world
Some of the coral-like plants growing here
There are still trees though, although those are also quite extraordinary
Aside from the main campaign there is also the Gallery mode, in which players can rewatch any cutscene that has been unlocked before