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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.0
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.4
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.2
Overall User Score (5 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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TrueAchievements (Mar 17, 2015)
Ori and the Blind Forest is arguably the best game of 2015 so far. Visually it is gorgeous and has a beautiful soundtrack to complement it. The lack of load times helps the flow of the game, and the platforming gameplay is fluent and precise all the way through. Difficulty spikes bring a challenging edge, and the escape sections are some of the most hectic portions of any platformer game. Ultimately, I cannot recommend this game enough, it is a must play.
Twinfinite (Mar 09, 2015)
A story that takes you through notions of love, hate, anger, discovery, regret, and forgiveness; and gameplay that is both precise, strategic, and engaging. Every single element of the game lends itself to all that surrounds it in order to make one well thought out, cohesive experience. Nothing ever feels out of place and that shows the extreme dedication the developers had while creating this truly splendid title. Ori and the Blind Forest is proof that those who want a game with a deep story and top-notch gameplay can have their cake and eat it too.
Digital Spy (Mar 11, 2015)
Enough of Ori is new to make it feel original and stimulating, but just enough is recognisable to make it easily accessible and prevent it from being overwhelming. That incredibly sharp edge to the formula is enough to cut yourself on. Without question it's the best game Microsoft has published since the onset of the Xbox One era and one that's pleasingly, satisfyingly easy to recommend.
Game Over Online (Mar 23, 2015)
Ori and the Blind Forest is a must-own for anyone who loves Metroidvania games. This is the most artsy entry in that action-platforming sub-genre to date. It’s an emotionally moving and sometimes draining game, but one that everyone should play. It controls smoothly, looks and sounds great, and hits every note a classic game should hit. The Xbox One really needed some platforming prowess, and this is the best game in that genre on the platform.
God is a Geek (Mar 14, 2015)
Ori and the Blind Forest is a masterpiece – of that there is no question. Stunningly pretty and fiendishly clever, it’s ten hours of arguably the most precise puzzle-platforming I’ve experienced – and it pulls on the heartstrings more than most big budget titles can manage. Its only shortcoming is the inconsistent difficulty and the effect that has on the overall pacing. That one gripe aside, Moon Studios’ odyssey is an exceptional adventure that demands to be played and perfected. Simply extraordinary.
Game Informer Magazine (Mar 09, 2015)
Ori and the Blind Forest is one of the best games of the year, and should be a no-brainer for anyone looking for an exciting new adventure to dive into. That said, it comes with a warning: Expect to be humbled by its difficulty. Death comes quickly. Over and over, you’re going to watch an adorable little creature perish because you had a moment of indecision or your skills failed you. Again, nothing about this experience feels unfair. Some of the long scripted sequences are enormously challenging – to the point that you’ll likely repeat every swear word that you know.
Destructoid (Mar 09, 2015)
Ori and the Blind Forest is one of those games. It's just plain enjoyable from start to finish, and doesn't waste your time.
Gamers' Temple, The (Mar 23, 2015)
There were certainly times that I found the game's difficulty frustrating, but those times were always tempered by the feeling of accomplishment once I made it past some of the tougher sequences. I also found it easy to forgive the game after those times, as its charm and beauty quickly put me under its spell again. The game's compelling narrative and magical world, and, yes, its challenging gameplay make Ori and the Blind Forest easy to recommend to most gamers, especially if they relish a challenge, and to all of those who can appreciate a well-crafted and beautiful game.
Gaming Age (Mar 01, 2015)
Ori's world is a delight to look at, a gorgeous marvel that simultaneously looks lush and natural, but also otherworldly. It's the story of a lost soul journeying through a spirit world full of dangers, and the game does a phenomenal job of conveying both the beauty and the peril with designs and colours that capture both sides of that perfectly. Likewise, while the music isn't quite as rave-worthy, it's still a major part of creating an immersive experience. It's just unfortunate, then, that such near-perfect visuals and story and sound aren't matched up by equally perfect gameplay. Ori and the Blind Forest is still enjoyable, obviously…it's just that those strengths are so strong that it's hard to imagine what would've been needed for that one ever-so-slightly-weaker element to match up with them. Nonetheless, it's still one heck of an accomplishment, and it's well worth your investment.
Gamegravy (Aug 31, 2015)
Ori feels fragile but don’t be fooled, Ori and the Blind Forest is a strong platformer with beautiful music, spectacular graphics a great story and lot of content to keep you busy. While at times it can be frustrating within dungeons the reward of completing one is immensely gratifying. I highly recommend Ori and the Blind Forest to anyone who is a fan of the platforming genre and that loves beautiful games with great stories.
Impulse Gamer (Mar 15, 2015)
Ori and the Blind Forest is not a game you’re going to be raving in the streets about and it’s not all together revolutionary. It’s a modest game that does what it does well. This is a game to be enjoyed, it’s a game to get immersed in, it’s a game that’ll make you proud to be into gaming. Ori and the Blind Forest will leave you with an enigmatic feeling after playing, It’s a bit like reading a great book, seeing a new world, really seeing it. It’s worth 20 dollars.
Gaming Nexus (Mar 12, 2015)
With a gorgeous world, beautiful music in the background, and a surprisingly difficult challenge, Ori and the Blind Forest will take gamers on a journey that will test their reactions and wits, yet make them appreciate just what a beautiful game has been created for them.
Lazygamer (Mar 12, 2015)
Ori and the Blind Forest doesn’t add anything new to the genre of gaming that it was inspired by, but few other games can match the polished gameplay and humbling difficulty of this charming little fella.
There’s nothing quite as rewarding as a good Metroidvania and Ori and the Blind Forest proves itself to be classified as one. Giant, sprawling landscapes hide tons of goodies just waiting to be collected once you’ve gained some new skills. Gorgeous artwork makes retreading old territory far less monotonous as well. It’s true that Ori could be a bit friendlier to control, but for the most part allows players to traipse around with the utmost grace. It’s rare to see a game with stunning visuals and excellent gameplay, but Ori and the Blind Forest does exactly that. As long as you’re prepared for a serious challenge, then this is one game not to miss.
Polygon (Mar 09, 2015)
Ori and the Blind Forest is a rare realization of fantastic design and production values in a space where I wasn't expecting to find it, displaying a spectacular level of confidence in what it is and what it does. And here's where we come back to wishing I hadn't reviewed it as quickly as I had to. It's a game that provides so much to explore and appreciate, and I would have liked to have taken just a little more time than I was able.
A terrific blend of story, gameplay, and graphics, Ori and the Blind Forest is an unforgettable debut for indie developer Moon Studios.
90 (Mar 13, 2015)
The extreme highs carry Ori and the Blind Forest through to greatness if not quite flawlessness. Rarely is a game able to be so devilish in its gameplay yet so touching in its story.
GameSpot (Mar 09, 2015)
It's important, however, not to mistake Ori and the Blind Forest for being simply beautiful. It certainly is--but it is also unceasingly clever. It consistently surprises you with new tricks: gravitational divergences, new ways to move through its spaces, and carefully designed levels that require you to think quickly and respond. It is not as snappy as, say, a typical Mario platformer, seeking instead a broader gameplay arc stretching across a single, interconnected world. It's a superb and thematically consistent approach that allows Ori and the Blind Forest to build joy on a bed of heartache, adding a new layer of mechanical complexity with each ray of hope.
87 (Mar 13, 2015)
Was für ein wunderschöner und toll ausbalancierter Plattformer! Auf der E3 war ich noch skeptisch, ob hinter der grafischen Pracht von Ori auch genügend Ideen und spielerischer Anspruch stecken, doch mittlerweile bin ich hellauf begeistert! Es ist schon fast unheimlich, wie gut all die coolen Gadgets des kleinen Waldgeists auf die Erkundung der Welt abgestimmt wurden. Besonders gut gefallen mir die Experimente mit der vielseitigen „Stoßen“-Fähigkeit, die mich an den Projektilen der Feinde entlang in versteckte Areale bugsiert. Schon nach wenigen Minuten gelangte ich in einen tollen Spielfluss, so dass ich immer neue Teile des urigen Waldes erforschen wollte. Auch die stimmungsvolle Sounduntermalung unterstreicht die Stimmung perfekt. Bei so viel Feinschliff will mir ein Detail aber nicht einleuchten: Warum wurde solch ein Vorzeige-Titel nicht einmal vernünftig an die Technik der Xbox One angepasst? Das häufige Ruckeln fällt negativ auf.
GameTrailers (Oct 03, 2015)
While there are areas that could be further developed and we’d certainly like to be able to collect the handful of doodads we’ve missed, make no mistake that Ori and the Blind Forest is a satisfying adventure. It doesn’t aim for style over substance, but evokes joy in movement, challenging you without being too punishing. Take in a breath of fresh air and see what the forest has in store.
XGN (Mar 13, 2015)
Bereid je voor op kramp in je handen want Ori vraagt ultieme controle tijdens het spelen van de hoge moeilijkheidsgraad. De Soul Link en de moeilijkheidsgraad zorgen voor een hoog bevredigingsgehalte waar ook de nodige frustratie bij komt kijken. Maar losgezien daarvan is Ori and the Blind Forest vooral een mooie ervaring die ook dik zijn geld waar is. 20 euro voor ongeveer 10 uur aan gamemateriaal is niet duur. Een activiteit zoals de bioscoop kost al gauw 10 euro. Aangezien Ori and the Blind Forest zo in de bioscoop zou kunnen draaien is de game dan ook absoluut de prijs waard.
IGN (Mar 09, 2015)
Natural wonder, nonlinear exploration, and brutal difficulty come together beautifully in Ori and the Blind Forest.
Video Chums (Mar 16, 2015)
Ori and the Blind Forest is a fantastically beautiful journey, but it's by no means a perfect one since it contains a few hard to ignore flaws. However, if you can overlook its shortcomings, it may be one of the most memorable gaming experiences that you'll ever have.
Game Revolution (Sep 03, 2015)
As a single-playthrough experience, Ori and the Blind Forest is a wonderful example of sublime presentation, a simple but heartfelt story, and challenging platforming. Moon Studios should be applauded for creating an indie title promising enough to warrant a sequel and special enough to live up to its console exclusivity. Though it can be completed in a single night and doesn't give much incentive for a replay, it's worth the price of admission. Still, if it weren't for a few stumbles near the end, Ori and the Blind Forest would have finished in a brilliant flash of light.
80 (Mar 13, 2015)
Ori and the Blind Forest wedijvert met Metroidvania-grootheden en onderstreept bovendien dat vorm en inhoud niet per se los van elkaar staan. De vormgeving en stijl hebben deel aan de manier waarop het verhaal zich ontvouwt, de gameplay vorm krijgt en het leveldesign uitdaagt. Helaas blijft het beperkte gevechtssysteem achter bij de platformprecisie die Ori and the Blind Forest van de speler vraagt.
InsideGamer (Mar 13, 2015)
We waarderen Moon Studios’ pogingen om met Ori and the Blind Forest iets unieks neer te zetten, maar moeten ook constateren dat niet al hun pogingen zijn geslaagd. Op de sfeer valt niets af te dingen. Beeld en geluid gaan hand in hand om een geweldige ambiance neer te zetten die gedu-rende de hele game als voornaamste drijfveer werkt: verkennen is alleen om die reden al leuk. Maar zelfs de betoverende muziek kan de gemoederen niet bedaren als platformen afhankelijk wordt van geluk, of wanneer je op een zeer ongelukkig moment je voortgang opslaat en het jezelf zo waanzinnig moeilijk maakt.
games xtreme (Mar 17, 2015)
Ori and the Blind Forest is a Studio Ghibli film come to life in game form. It's utterly captivating, mesmerising and tough as nails. It has a strong focus on story, excellent atmosphere and gorgeous graphics.